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Another hostage beheaded. I have nothing to say at this time.


Well, I do: god damn this violent, infinite, unholy tar baby. I could give two dookies who's fault it is and who started what. It's time to fish or cut bait. Either we show the region what white phosophorus feels like, or we leave them to their own devices. No one help us set up our democracy, why should we help them? As a matter of fact, in the Constitution it doesn't say anything about helpind the worldwide spread of democracy. And if that document is our mission statement we should stick to it. If there are threats out there, we should quietly bide our time, plan moves, and wait for them to come to us. When they do, we'll skewer them on their own swords and they'll make examples of themselves. Tar baby. Tar.Baby.

Yeah, long day at work. I'm going to get fisked for this aren't I?

Here's something you might think about saying: nothing!

The only way beheadists can make demands is for the media to report their demands.

The only way for beheadists to inspire the necessary fear is for the media to play their videotapes of the act.

The only way beheadists can keep getting their message out is to keep kidnapping more people.

The media is the only entity which can break this cycle ... by refusing to participate.

Sadly this will not end anytime soon. If anything it will get worse before better. Anyone outside the military who goes to Iraq is taking their life in their hands and being capitured is a death sentence. I for one would not be taken alive.

If they were proud of what they were doing, they'd show their faces.

I say that they're cowards, afraid that their neighbors will either turn them in or treat them as they've treated others.

Michele, why is the blue robot beating on the red robot? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Hey, made you think about something different for a second there.


The media didn't lop off anyone's head. An argument could be made that they are often more-or-less willingly used by publicity-seeking nuts of all stripes (I seem to recall something recent in the news along these lines...can't recall where, exactly.) Such nuts will continue to act in outrageous ways even if the cameras are turned off and all the reporters go home to take up knitting.

I agree about the blue robot.

5 Megatons, in the desert, and after one more, the middle of the Haj.


Point well taken ... the media isn't actually killing these people.

However, the lopping off of the head isn't really the point: the point is the inspriration of terror by these people.

They don't want their demands met (after all, their demands have NEVER been met). Read that sentence carefully, because at first blush, it doesn't make sense.


They want people to fear them. And unless some heads come off, and it gets wide coverage, nobody will fear them.

Will they continue to kill in obscurity ... surely. And of course, we have to hunt 'em down. We don't have to ensure, however, that their message gets out.

And then I ran across this ... which says it much better than I did:

"These are the best of days to be a terrorist.

"If you can convince a wacko desiring 70 virgins to detonate himself and a car bomb in Iraq, you're guaranteed to see your handiwork leading the nightly news from America.

"Then, the Democratic Party candidate wanting to replace the U.S. president you hate for standing up to your madness, will personally cite your actions as proof that America is failing in Iraq and more than 1,000 of our heroes died in vain."

The rest of this editorial can be found here: