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memo: the gathering

Baseball Crank has an long, link filled, quotalicous post, including a link to the video of Rather's sit down with Marcia Kramer of CBS-TV(NY). Bill asks questions about Lucy Ramirez and has something about....chickens. Rather Biased reports that the Killian family is asking (deservedly) for an apology. Will Collier has his fork out. Hugh Hewitt...well, just scroll. And Jim Treacher brings us the next chapter in his ground-breaking fanfic. More: Go read Betsy. Just start at the top and work your way down. Hell, read her archives, too, if you have time. The woman rocks. And: TANG. Heh.


I wondered when someone was going to do something with TANG.........

Thanks for the link to "Betsy's blog" , it's a really good read.

Ray, you have no idea how long I went "Nahhh....someone else must've thought of it alredy".

Good job.

CBS used info (2 memos) to bolster a case they presented before the public. Now that the info used has been discredited, they issued a statement & admitted they shouldn't have run with it (i.e. it was a mistake). Republicans rejoice.

How does that compare with Bush using info (Niger, centrifuge tubes, info from Chalabi, etc.) to bolster the case for invading Iraq. Now, that the info has been discredited, Bush changes the rationale for going to war.

Talk about missing the point.