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Rather Not

They hung Burkett out to dry. But, as Allah just said to me, he hung them back. He may be their patsy, but something tells me that using Burkett in this way is going to come back to haunt CBS. I, for one, do not accept Rather's half assed apology.
Update: Ok, I've had time to digest this. Rather and CBS are slime. They introduced Burkett by saying he had a history of medical problems and a history of going after Bush. Think they're going to say anything about Mapes's history of going after Bush? Probably not. Transcript at Mudville Gazette, where the Rather Biased gang is blogging today, due to a server issue. Also, from the comments: Rather introduce Burkett as former member of Texas Air National Guard. Burkett served in Texas Army National Guard. Allah makes a good point: bq. "He did not come to us; we went to him and asked him for the documents."
Who told them Burkett had the documents? And: Heh. You know, this would all be really funny if it wasn't so pathetic. And I agree with several people that this was a pre-cursor to the hanging of Mary Mapes. I will not rest until we find out who Dan's unimpeachable source is. I have my theories. I'm sure you have yours. And I bet some of ours are the same. Make of that what you will. And why do I keep hearing "this is the song that never ends" in my head?


It's better than that Michelle. Danny boy introduce Burkett as former member of Texas Air National Guard. Burkett served in Texas Army National Guard. Same initials, but BIG difference.

Like I said over on allah...That was the set-up statement for the fall of Mapes.
Dan will state that his producer "came to him" and said SHE had an "inpeachable source."
Get it?

Everything about this incident is just plain slimey.

They are testing the waters, seeing how far they have to go. It has nothing to do with integrity.

I also noticed the "Texas Air National Guard" verses Army National Guard mistake. Can't Dan and DNCBS get even the simpliest facts right about this story? The slipshop way this story has unfolded makes me wonder if DNCBS has been operating like this all along, only now we have a means to detect and discuss such things.

Mapes is going to be offered up as the sacrificial lamb.

Dan will do what he can to skate, and CBSNews will back him to save face and ratings. If Dan falls, so does CBSNews. Mapes falls, by Nov 3rd, no one will remember.

And thats the way it is -

Shit, I'm supposed to say 'Courage' now aren't I? That's what you get for not having a TV for the last decade.

BTW - New TV due here before the end of October - free 24' Wega - courtesy of the company that just laid me off as a 10 year anniverary present.

I guess this means I need to get cable or is just getting an Xbox good enough?

I don't think Rather went into the story knowing that the memos were fake. Did Burkett have a big connection with Kerry and/or the DNC? PROBABLY.

Check out my blog I wrote in CBS yesterday.


...There's a wonderful comment this evening over at NRO's The Corner that makes the point that given Rather's ego, if he really HAS been had he will uproot every tree in the forest to find the guilty party.
But if he takes this quietly, you'll know he knew exactly what was going on.

I still think this explains Danny best.