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American Hostage Beheaded

Details at Command Post. Maybe this will give the U.S. the impetus it needs to do what has to be done with the terrorists who want to keep Iraq from ever becoming a truly free country. I still see no point in showing the video or stills of the video. I'm angry and sad enough without the visuals. So please, stop sending me emails with links to your posts containing such things. See here for explanation.


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You'd think that most of the hardcore link-whores would have Star Wars Trilogy DVD Download Rip keywords already stacked in Google and ready for the flood tomorrow. shrug

Good for you.
When I was covering 9/11 live at work, I refused to put up pictures of the people jumping out of the buildings on the website.

Why? Because I thought people saw enough, and some little girl somewhere didn't need to see her father's final moments all over the net. Worse yet, see what a body does when it hits the ground from that height.

People want to see a more gruesome picture of the horrors going on... they have plenty of places they can find it.

My compliments to you for making a tasteful decision.

Amen to that. Someone on a forum I frequent used to post grotesque pics like that in an effort to "Make us mad enough to support the War on Terror". I had to explain to him that I already support the War on terror 110% and have no desire to inflict images like that on myself.

Some people do need to see such things but they are unlikely to click on links to look at them. I didn't link it either.

continued atrocities in the wake of a year and a half of anti-war activism and reporting don't surprise me. Kerry's campaign, hoping to ride that wave into the White House, doesn't surprise me. we can hope that the continued onslaught abroad will strengthen the resolve at home.

I thought one of the comments from your "explanation" post was interesting, and I wonder what people who agree with it, then and now, think:

Its different now. Now that Abu Ghraib is gone there is no reasons to use another nick berg as a political tool to counter the prisoner torture.

Posted by PilotCman on June 18, 2004 04:52 PM

so, what's behind beheadings, post-Abu Ghraib?

You're right, of course, about the videos. It serves no purpose but to titillate, and there are better ways to do that. Besides, what I want to see is video of American Troops going in there and taking the bastards out. I have pretty consistently called for the use of force in Fallujah and similar places. Can we get on with it already?

People posting the video creeps me out. I've felt that way about every beheading video from the first up to this one. The idea that this needs to be seen, to understand the brutality, is shibboleth. The very fact that the terrorists beheaded an innocent man tells enough of their brutality.