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How Dan Rather Can Learn From the Samurai

I knew that some day I would be able to use this tale as a lesson. Read this post I wrote last year. One word, Dan: seppuku.


It is wrong to assume that Dan Rather has any honor. It is rarely found among those that read teleprompters and wear suits for a living.

Danny has lost his pants. Cue the bagpiper playing Amazing Grace.
(shuur Dann-O. We'll bury yer arse quite right.)

I think you underestimate this guy. Or overestimate him. Er, depending on how you see it.

He's a survivor. He's made it 30+ years as King of the Mountain at CBS. He will do everything he can to blame this on others and "unmask" those responsible and try to make himself look good.

He just may pull it off too. At least well enough to stay on the air. Shit, and if he does resign, he might just play for a wave of sympathy.

Imagine the shit storm that would have hit if Fox ran unabated with the Kerry/Intern Affair story that Drudge did earlier this year. Everyone from Murdoch to the Donut Cart guy would have had to resign. Now Rather is going to stick it through this mess????

Bottom line, CBS should can him. At the absolute least, he should be barred from any "60 Minutes" episodes going forward. Is Dan going to read that statement tonight on tonight's CBS news or is he going to weasel out and just play like nothing happened?

I'm voiting for Weasel.

Yubitsume is more fitting.

(Yakuza tradition of severing a knuckle or two for screwups, basically.)