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Hey, remember Ivan Putski?*

Well, it looks like the ghost of Ivan has arrived here on Long Island. My home office, which is nothing more than an old Florida room, has been on the remodeling schedule since we moved in. Something tells me these rickety windows and walls are not going to hold up too well and we'll be "remodeling" sooner than expected. Great time for my husband to go away. While he's off visiting the Frank Franzetta museum with old friends, I'm trying to reinforce the house. Now I have to decide between keeping watch over the drainage ditch to fend off flooding or braving the storm as I huddle over my Japanese maples to keep them from being torn apart by the wind. Hell, I'm going with Option C: See if I can watch all three seasons of The Critic before the power (flickering now) goes out. First, I need to stick a screwdriver into my brain to get this song out of my head. I apologize to everyone I've afflicted today. [* Just a random thought.]


Polish powaaaaaaah!

I loved Ivan Putski!!!

My grandfather, who grew up a Quaker, but then joined the Army and went off to World War I, and sort of got disowned (it's a long story having to do with his love of motorcycles and guns)...anyway, he loved pro-wrestling, and watched it all the time.

And since we lived in Texas the first wrestler I can remember watching with him was Ivan Putski.

I wanted to be Ivan Putski, and to some extent still do.

Arrgh!!!! I have had the same thing in my head for two weeks now. Arrrrrrrgh. Make it stoooooooooop.

Ah geez, Michele!

My sister-of-the-heart (ex-sister-in-law may convey we don't get a long), Cindy, lives in Warren, New Jersey, and has been regaling me with the tale of her fights with City Hall since her neighbor wrongly graded her property and now months later the series of worse actions by bureacracy on top of bad actions by same in trying to "correct" the problem has left her and her house at the mercy of flooding. Not to mention her daughter, my niece, Danielle is at Univ of North Carolina where all the dorms are downhill from the campus....

Good Godfrey, I hope you all catch a break from this rain...and soon!

Let us know when you start seeing the animals go by two by two. ;-)

Mmmmm... japanese maples. GORGEOUS trees!

So your husband is visiting the Frazetta museum? Holy crap! That's one place I want to visit before I die! A buddy of mine and I keep talkin' about making the homage, but we can never seem to get it on track, schedule-wise. Hear rumours that Frank even pops by occasionally to meet fans and talk. That guy is a precious US icon. Shit, I'm envious as hell...