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getting crafty with johnny damon

So my husband is away for a couple of days, the kids are at their father's house and I'm bored as hell. I figured by now I'd be running around the house naked, death metal blasting from the stereo and a bottle of Jack in my hand. But, no. So far I've watched some stupid Lifetime-esque movie starring Mark Harmon as a surfer, ate an entire bag of Cinnabon popcorn and made a Johnny Damon voodoo doll out of a toilet paper roll and colored electrical tape. And I am, quite literally, sitting here in my living room in my pajamas. At four in the afternoon. I'm thinking of bringing back ASV Radio tonight. Maybe a Dan Rather theme? Any ideas? While you mull that one over, I'll be in the kitchen, making sugar cookies in the shape of daggers to throw at the tv while I watch the game tonight.


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If its going to be Dan Rather themed, you have to play "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" by REM.

Also, weren't you going to be gone at least until Thanksgiving? If you keep on going on hiatus then coming back early people will feel guilty reading you because they will wonder if you really should take a break from blogging and you're not because you feel responsible to us, which you aren't.

You know my prediction:

Red Sox win the division. Finally, they pull the Yankees down from behind. Finally, the fates seem to shine on them. Red Sox fans, who thought they would never believe again, are spurred to new heights of optimism as the Division Champion Red Sox waltz into the playoffs.

Where they lose the ALCS to the Wild Card Yankees.

Remember who said it first.

Hmmm...Dan Rather radio?

I'm coming up blank. Only thing I can think of is "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

If Dan Rather commits on-air seppuku tonight (or if the Yankees win) will you then run around the house naked, death metal blasting from the stereo with a bottle of Jack in your hand?

"Liar" Todd Rundgren
'I Wanne Be Sedated" Ramones
"He's a Whore" Cheap Trick
"Timothy" The Buoys

Brain Damage, Pink Floyd

Reading this post, I look up and see Captain Caveman going deep.

Apparently Johnny Damon must be like Mongo, the voodoo doll only made him mad.

1-0 Carmines

A storm is killing my DirecTV signal - I'm listening to the AM feed on the Internet. It sounds like this game may not happen officially anyway. It the weekend gets washed out....that would mean a very packed schedule the last two weeks for both teams, and I don't think the Yankee pitching staff is up to it.

W00t! Your voodoo powers seem to have worked in reverse! :D

I admit I'd be more worried about the Red Sox, if they didn't have the past history of folding like a cheap suit at this time of year. :-)

I could sure do with some of those dagger-shaped cookies.

Hey that popcorn looks too good. Too bad about the sugar. ;)

Amazing game. I still think the Yankees will take the division, though. The Sox still have to win four of their remaining five games with the Yankees just to take a 1/2 game lead in the division. I do hope the Sox can come up with a sweep this weekend, though, just to keep the pressure on the Yankes.

I'm not gloating meanly; I respect you and I would like to remain friends. But dang, if we DIDN'T KICK RIVERA'S ASS TONIGHT!

Go Sox!

Looks like those voodoo dolls got a little moldy in your absence!