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This time, it's personal

Most of you know Stacy. She's the proprietor of Sekimori.com and part of the fabulous Hosting Matters team. She's done incredible work in the blog world. And on a personal level, she's one of my dearest friends. Stacy's mother-in-law has been hit hard by Hurricane Ivan. Stacy and her husband are trying their best to help her out, but they can only do so much. If you could spare a few bucks, please consider heading over to Stacy's site to make a donation. Thanks.



Me too. I consider myself extraordinarily lucky that the three hurricanes I have been through in my adult life have not affected me in any serious way other than the minor inconvenience of having to sweat.

Thank you so much for you and your readers who contributed to Stacy's mother-in-law fund. Your generosity makes it possible for me to make all neccessary repairs to my property. If there is any left, it will go to a young family at work who have lost much more than I. Many thanks, Tillie