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EL PAIS has apologized for its tasteless and insulting advertisement, as posted here.
EL PAÍS apologizes for the use of the images of the terrorist attack against the Twin Towers in New York, which happend on September 11, 2001, for a campaign to aquire subscribers to ELPAIS.es. This regrettable campaign, carried out through emails, supported on two photos of New York, one with the Twin Towers and another one without, under the heading “You can do a lot in one day, imagine what can happen in three months”. The promotional campaign started last Monday, September 13, and was sent to more than 50,000 recipients before it was cancelled, on Wednesday 15th. [...] Any explanation about the chain of errors which led to the launch of this campaign is insufficient, which some of our readers rightly qualified as repugnant. We share the disgust they have expressed in numerous messages and letters to the management and we are sorry it happened.
[Translated by Southern Watch - you can read the full text here] This isn't just an apology; it's an acceptance of responsibility and a sincere effort to rectify the situation and hold people accountable for their actions. Perhaps some people could use this as an object lesson. Apology accepted, El Pais. Barcepundit has more on the story.


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It's a good start. Would I be asking to much for a short denunciation of the socalist government next?


Here there is no sworn, and probably no judge. So don't prettend to forgive that yesterday you where the "district attorney".

Tronoc, I made no commentary on my post. Don't confuse me with my readers.

Josh, unfortunatelly there are much more things to denounce in Spain, and around the world, than a inadequate e-mail publicity.

Just for the record, the correct spanish for apology is "disculpa", not "apología".

"Apología" is by the way a word that´s used to mean "something that suports"... a very normal sentence in this case would be saying that a certain interpretation of the ad makes "apología del terrorismo", for example.

I don´t think you want to give that sense to the post... ;-)

I should have asked someone first. My seven years of Spanish did nothing for me, I see.

I changed the title, thank you.

It was nothing... and don´t worry about your spanish, it may be working well still.

The word is what they call a "false friend". They can get you into trouble...

(I still remember when I was in Ireland feeling a cough and I said I was "constipated"...wich is not exactly the same).

When I said "you", I didn't count how many of you, neither any one in particular. Sorry, michele, if you feel so. And sorry for my smurf role.

And if you permit me, and once again without a continuity solution, I'll use this post to give you a link to a new of this day:


Call me cynical, but it seems to me that this is simply the unfolding of a carefully crafted attempt to generate publicity. How is it possible that they view these images as repugnant now, but not at the time they were first suggested?

A most impressive apology. These things happen and you (that is, EL PAIS) show how to sincerely, correctly and honorably handle them. Thank you, EL PAIS. This apology should be held up as a model for others to aspire to.

It's always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

For people in Rio Linda: They knew it was wrong, but did it anyway and now have many times more publicity and a simple "Oops! Our Bad!" limp-wristed apology.

I repeat this for Neo and Beloml:

It´s a text from Phil Graham, writen in 1948:

"The necessary haste with which we operate in the production of a daily newspaper at times leads us, despite our best care, into unavoidable errors. Critics often read into these errors entirely nonexistent malice, magnifying them as further evidence of our sins. Responsible newspapers stand ready to correct errors as zealously as they seek to avoid committing them".

El Pais is a big newspaper, and this was not one of their big campaigns. It was just an e-mail ad, surelly outside de closest control from the management.
I´ve only seen it posted in some blogs... and if somebody hadn´t traslated it in a very vicious way, probably you will have never known about it.

I think El Pais and Spain's diplomatic core just found out we're paying attention.

Their world just got smaller.

Well, it´s good u pay attention now.
It is about time that you realize the USA is only 5% of the world´s population.

By the way it would be interesting if that attention were not manipulated by biased translations (maybe it would be good to learn some languages?). And even better if it served for more than offense and insult.

Ah, yes, only Europeans can translate their articles for us since we are too unsophisticated for the European mind.

WTC in pic, WTC out - Millions of Americans sensitive w/o the caption.

What you fail to realize, Nic, is that we've been paying attention longer than you think. With Al Gore's invention, we can now act on our beliefs.

I can't believe this. Nobody see nothing??

Suppouse that JesusCrhist apologizes for one of his sins (he was a human, do you remember?). I'm sure that there would be a republican beside him (surely on his left side) to say:

Apology acepted, Jesus.

As far as I'm concerned the paper, publisher, and parent company can offer all the mea culpas they want, but until they say, "All those found to have been involved in planning and producing this atrocious advertisement will be fired," all their apologies are still BS.

Some things (such as El Pais' advertisement) are so heinous that "We're sorry"—while a good start—is not enough. True sincerity can only be measured in pink slips.

La mayoría de vosotros no sois más que unos tristes fachas.

Por supuesto, ahora parece ser que el único modo de expurgar las culpas es dinamitar la redacción de El País.

Cuando empiece a ver disculpas por los miles de muertos inocentes en Irak, voy a comprar explosivo.

Tu ingles es muy malo Nic-Enric. Colegio publico?