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Media Manipulation [Updated]

Dan Rather: bq. But on a personal note, I believe it is important to remember that those who have criticized aspects of this story have never criticized the heart of it, that George W. Bush got special treatment." And I believe it is important to remember that a certain anchor who is criticizing his critics has never addressed the heart of it, that Dan Rather is dishonest, manipulative and unscrupulous and no longer deserves the position he has. Bill brings up a point I thought of and addressed a few days ago in a similar vein: Why interview Killian's secretary and not his son and daughter? Oh, I'll tell you why. Because they don't the public to hear something like this: "That's what I find so despicable about this whole thing, that they would use my deceased father (for political purposes)..." Dan Rather and CBS should be ashamed. Instead, they are continuing the farce. It's rather sad. [Full transcript here] Update, from Drudge quoting WaPo: bq. WASH POST: Documents allegedly written by deceased officer that raised questions about Bush's service with Texas National Guard bore markings showing they had been faxed to CBS News from a Kinko's copy shop in Abilene, Texas... Developing.. Hmmm..Abilene, Texas. Allow me to play Encyclopedia Brown for a moment. Hmmm....what do you make of that, Sally?


In my mind, 60 Minutes = Mark Fuhrman.

OJ did it. Furhman didn't have enough damning evidence to arrest so he helped the case along by planting evidence.

Doesn't make it right.

"Why interview Killian's secretary and not his son and daughter?"
Maybe...because his secretary was the one who ACTUALLY TYPED ALL KILLIAN'S MEMOS?


Viacom/CBS's stock dropped 2% today. According to the KerrySpot, the CBS affiliate stations are angry at CBS News. Keep contacting these folks with your outrage and give your support to those are helping to get out the truth.

See this link for the Top 50 Viacom/CBS shareholders:

List of CBS Affliates:

She didn't type those memos. And apparently she was just a pool secretary and not his personal secretary so she may or may not have had the opportunity to type any of his memos.

But you would have to listen to what the Killian children have to say to know that.

Rather claims:
those who have criticized aspects of this story have never criticized the heart of it, that George W. Bush got special treatment.
which to my mind is exactly backwards. To me the question of George Bush's treatment in the Air National Guard, like the questions of John Kerry's throwing medals over the fence, has no real import. It distracts from the big story. Here the big story is that one of the largest, most influential, most watched, and most prestigious television news shows knowingly used forged documents for a story that the directors and producers thought would influence the Presidential election. That story, my friends, is huge, and is far bigger, far more important, and far more disturbing than anything that had been alleged about George Bush's behavior more than thirty years ago.

Hm. Killian's secretary says, "No, I didn't type that, but I know that the information it contains is accurate."

From "Paula Zahn Now", CNN, 9/15/04.

But frankly, I'm a bit surprised at how exercised everybody is getting about this. The memos weren't any less accurate or credible (or less fabricated) than the intelligence that led us to war in Iraq.

OK, this is a bit personal and is based fully on hearsay, but at my 20th HS Reunion for Wylie High School in Abilene, Texas, I was askin' 'bout a few of my class members who were missin' from the event. One of the ones I was really interested in seein' had been one of the prettiest girls in my class, who, I had learned at the previous reunion held ten years earlier, had gotten married to like the only guy to join our class in our Senior year, some Arabic kid and the two of them had completed law school and were practicin' somewhere in the State Capital of Austin.

Well, anyway, to make a long story short, I was told at the subsequent reunion that she and the Arabian guy had divorced and that she was, at that time, married to Ben Barnes.

If they are still married, I would suspect he has a lot of connections to Abilene.

Damn...Ya'll nailed barnes...ouch..Good job encyclopedia :-)

Regarding the question about who may have been the source of the forged documents who would fax them from Abilene:

Ben Barnes isn't the only possible source in the Abilene area.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit shows that Bill Burkett, the disgruntled former National Guard member is also in the Abilene area:

"I donít like the attention," he [Bill Burkett] said from his home near Abilene, Texas, during an interview with Salon.


It's the Bill and Ben Show now...heh

If you want to learn more about Burkett, read Kevin Drum, who has interviewed Burkett in the past. A summary here:

Or Maybe we should try this search.

"Robin Rather" abilene

Put that in your google and chew on it.

This would explain why he was going to the mat for the story and is not giving up his source.... Inquiring Minds and all that.


You have no idea how good it is to see you back in such great form. It feels like the good old days back in '03.

but I have to ask, would ASV care if it were Kerry and not Bush?

My money's on No. I think ASV would be working to back up the claim rather than refute it. So it's really so much about biased reporting as it is biased reporting on a man ASV supports. If it were the other way around, I seriously doubt anyone here would be calling for Rather's head on a platter.

My Take~ Bush got preferential treatment in the ANG because of who he is. He ditched his duties and the medical exam because of who he is. He became president because of who he is. There is no way he would have beat McCain without that last name. The man has had a cake walk through life because he's a Bush.

I have no respect for a man who doesn't make his own way in life. I don't much care for Kerry in that respect, either, though the two are hardly comparable.

I don't want a spoiled rich brat who always gets his way to be president any more.

There isn't much that I can add to this discussion, except to say that I loved Encyclopedia Brown!

Thanks for reminding me about those books.

I am sure that he could have discovered that the memos were forged with both brain lobes tied behind his back(ouch).

Ok I guess I don;t get the whole President Bush / Kerry issue. The President received an honorable discharge, thus he Satisfied his military commitment. The President was in the Guard, not the Reserve and not Active duty military. He belonged to the State. He was suspended from flight status because he hadn't received his annual physical. Reservists today are faced with the issue if they can't prove thev've gotten a dental exam from their own dentist or don't have a physical every two years. If the President was suspended from flight status the State told him not to report to work; how is he AWOL? Does the state of Texas have an AWOL Statute? The UCMJ doesn't apply to the Guard or the Reserves unless or until they are "In Status". Was the President activated under title 32 while he was in the guard?
Kerry on the other hand- Violated the Code of Conduct, came back and tossed medals back at the White House, was elected to Congress by those opposed to the war, He became yellow in the face of the enemy, turned his back on his commrades upon return and has to bring up a previous war in an attempt to get those anti-war area scales out of the retirement homes and into the polls. John John should equal Gone Gone in all RED Blooded American's.

Dan Rather is known for being a fairly liberal democrat, but his willingness to use rather badly forged memos with extremely spotty fact-checking probably had more to do with his steadily losing market-share to the 'new' media and cable networks and his desperate desire for a big 'scoop' to prop himself up before he retires. It's only natural that, having lost his former prestige, he wanted to end his career on a high-note. Its a shame that desire led him to become a tool of some rather unethical democrats.

It's unfortunate that so many democrats are slandering the National Guard at the very time when they have become the most important component of our defense force. The National Guard is the ideal tool for homeland defense, yet the Democrats prefer to launch vicious insults against our guardsmen, rather than supporting the funding necessary to train and equip the State National Guards for terror prevention and recovery. Instead of ensuring the National Guard can easily integrate themselves with police, they drive potential recruits away with their comments.

Mark Harm
Candidate for State Representative - Michigan

Can you believe the latest quote from those SOBs re the Killian memos:

"We had every reason to believe that they were authentic at that time."

Well I guess we should cut him some slack given he has a pretty good source for verifying the content of the Killian memos.

Wow Michele, your blog is now attracting those who are actually running for office.

You might want to tighten up the IP filters a bit.

Michele, I would love to see you laugh sweetheart. I do not have my blog as yet or I would just surely always trackback you.

Go to Dean's place and Sept. 15 he posted about Adult ADHD. The comments were so cute and I am related to the kid and of course so fond of him. You must know he thinks so highly of you. I just know you will get a kick out of where I came in, then you will be lead to Donald Sensing and Rev. Sensing knows me and how exactly I am related to Dean. I had posted that I wished we could all lighten up about that typewritter in Da'World and made my usual stop to Sensing and said the same thing...You will enjoy how Sensing dresses for pajama parties.

You are really a great lady and I appreciate your dedication to helping others.

Blessings A Bounty Full Michele, go smile. Once again it is the Sept. 15 post on AADD.

Since Bush is not, and has not, run on his Vietnam era record - WHO CARES?

Kerry is, and has been, running on his Vietnam record, so that record IS in play. (That said, I don't give a damn about Kerry's Vietnam record, either).

That Rather has the unbelievable arrogance to use false documents to "prove" his allegations is completely appalling. This is a real problem.


my dad got preferential treatment and we're nobodies. So did my brother in law. Thiers came from John V Tunney congressman in our area of SoCal back in the late 60's. It wasn't just the rich getting preference, some tried and some failed. In fact Kerry tried five times, four times he found success and on the fifth he didn't - hello vietnam. Find a new tactic bub.

There were 4 ways to avoid joiongin the army if your draft number was low, make yourself 4F (unfit) get a deferment (student, marriage, special circumstances) join the Navy or join the Nat Guard. The later two had waiting lists, my buddy made it into the navy, I don't know anyone that made it into the NG. Hey finding a way not to go was not a big thing.

And I believe it is important to remember that a certain President who is criticizing his critics has never addressed the heart of it, that George Bush is dishonest, manipulative and unscrupulous and no longer deserves the position he has.