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Last Prediction [updated]

60m.jpgWord is CBS will make their official statement at 3:30 5:00 EST. I will be in my car, playing taxi to several teenage girls and unable to post. However, here is my prediction. I will eat my hat pajamas if I'm wrong. It's going nowhere. They will admit nothing. They will just say "Well, Bush was AWOL so it doesn't matter and here's this nice old granny to say that Bush always sucked. So there. Memos, schemmos. Look! Over there! Your hat's on fire!" And they will never address it again. The Kerry camp will feel like they've won something, the Democrats and lefties in general will do a small jig and the big media will let the story go as Ivan destroys New Orleans. That's the way it is. Or will be. [If not, I'll be in the market for some edible jammies] Update: Kerry Spot notes that CBS is calling the pending announcement a "story clarification." Mmhmm.


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mmmmmmmmm edible jammies... droool

/homer simpson


Alas, Michele, methinks you are 100% correct.

Zoloft: Blast your nimble fingers!
steve: WTF?

We are missing the real story here...

Michelle in edible clothing!

Candypants are due for a comeback!

How I have two reasons to hope my prediction is right!

It's the "Chewbacca is a Wookiee" defense, from South Park.

"We are missing the real story here...

Michelle in edible clothing!"

Good catch...damn her sly ways!

CBS has no control over this story, if they did it would have already been swept under the rug. It does not matter what they say at this point. Sure, a confession would be nice but with the ever growing mountain of evidence it really isn't necessary.

I just read about a guy who choked on his girls edible undies in the Fortean Times Magazine(strange deaths column).

Make sure your near one's know the Heimlich. I predict other Newsie's won't slack off for CBS's sake... they will vett the documents, and it will be widely known that the forgeries are forgeries.

I like the idea someone else mentioned: they will say that these memos are just the retyped versions of the originals.

CBS has no real impetus to come clean,especially since they are willing to take the bullet for Kerry.Alas,Michele will do no jammy eating today,I think.But thanks for the fantasy,anyway.

I don't comment in pajamas. Just panties.

CBS News: Better Accuracy through Fraud

According to Drudge, CBS has pushed the announcement back even later, to 5 PM.

tick, tick, tick...

I wonder what would happen if I blew my brains out and was found with a folder clutched across my chest that said I was the one who forged it all....

Well,Dan,has Hillary paid you a visit recently?

The only other plausible theory is that CBS has their experts practicing for an on-air demonstration of how to create perfect repli-forgeries with a corona typewriter.

btw Steve, hilarious. TC-LeatherPenguin, if you don't get it, grab yer shotgun and a chaw of tobacci and read it out loud to your kids.

CBS: "We only lie to tell the truth"

Or: "Fiction in the name of truth"

Or: "We dissemble, we decide"

I just can't decide what fits best...

I've been half-expecting the "retyped versions of the originals" from the beginning. Mostly in jest, but the way this thing has developed, I'm not sure anything is too crazy anymore.

What I really wonder if if CBS has the chutzpah to "find" the originals? My guess is that no professional forger worth his salt will do the job for them, because the CBS forgeries are such an insult to their proud profession.

Hey, I just realized, this explains why CBS is stalling so much on their announcement! It's so they can claim the originals were stored in a beachfront property in Mobile, Alabama, and will tragically soon be lost due to Hurricane Ivan!

- As the third deadline for the "CBS epic press conference" comes and goes if you listen carefully you can hear the tick tock theme of jeopardy playing in the background as Alex Treebeck waits for the CBS contestants ( the Lawyers and Management ) to wrestle each other to the floor...Spin their individual versions of the "truth" and scribble "What is Bullshit" on their light boards...

man, 5pm. Sheesh. So what, everyone will be in their cars on the way home from work and won't hear it?

Michele,as a advert for your vinyl site,is there anyone out there who has at least the lyrics to "Timothy",the old pop tune about eating your friends?It would make a good tune to accompany what might be going on at CBS HQ.

- Foxy iridite Michelle ( countinueously proving even intelligent woman can be mondo sexy ) really tore CBS and the "oldline" arrogant pompus media a new one on FOX this afternoon.

Applauding the blogosphere, bloogers and bloggetes, and bursting all the "flabby assed" MSM mavins hot air balloons. It was sweeeeeeeet....... heh

Found it


You're half right. CBS will continue to deny and stonewall. However, ABC and Fox both smell blood in the water and won't let this go and someone from CBS will turn on them. You watch. This will be a top-3 story (after Ivan and whatever else comes up) on the Sunday talk shows. CBS is in for a rough ride.

Isn't there war going on or something? Oh never mind...

Yes, Earl. There's a war going on so we'll stop paying attention to anything else going on in the world.

If people are going to steal my comments off one blog and post it in another, maybe I should start my own.


It's good to be read though.

i agree with David C. They will probably claim that their source re-typed the originals without telling them.

i still have some hope that the delay is due to negotiations with Rather over his severance package.

Priorities...media fuckups or a burning Iraq

Oh, look. Another lefty troll who wants to tell me what I should be blogging about.

See that paypal link over there to the left? When you start making monthly deposits there, I'll start calling you Sir and addressing your issues.

- The problem with that idea is the originals may be slightly different. Things like content .... someone else's faked signiture or maybe they are runing around looking for some "old" paper.... heh

2 things.

First, the stalling on the announcement is probably due to lawyers saying "You can't say that!"

Second, the only reason they can't name the source is that rightly or wrongly it probably points back to the DNC or the Kerry campaign. They WILL fall on their sword to avoid that.

Just my 2 cents.

So have they already bailed on the 5:00 announcement too?

- Actually all this bumbling may bring the congrss down o their asses which would be even better. We might get to see if we were right about the source....

- Hey Michele ... at lest he kept it short and stupid....

It's up and you win Michele.

"We're going to look into this really closely. Really closely. Closer than anyone who has been in this business has looked at anything.


Yup, really closely.

(crickets chirp)

OK guys, thanks for waiting and there are cookies in the back! Who wants a free cookie?"

- Maybe if they just looked "really closely" at their Email from the crowd of experts, including two of their own, they would stumble on the truth....

- That Letter sent by courier from the senate to CBS ( written by 68 senators all demanding full disclosure...mentioning concern about the source and authenticity of the documents and CBS's involvement and possible duplicity ) arrived around 11am this morning. I can picture an all out donnybrook between staff lawyers, not wanting to put their licenses on the line, versus management wanting to stonewall or disemble. Full metal jacket panic.

- That probably begat the stall out. With all the strident comments by Sen. Cox on FOX today it must have curdled their latte's. A CBS staffer said the atmosphere was "toxic" and many want the higher ups to come clean. The small corner they've painted themselves into continues to shrink faster than Kerry's poll numbers....

CBS to BLOGGERS: "Heh, we're just messing with your head."


Dan Rather was at one time an accurate journalist, but he has never been an authentic one.

CBS and Rather knew the memos were fake all the time, but decided to go with it anyway because the election was getting close and Kerry was in trouble. Texas Democrats have been on this case for 10 years without finding any evidence, and Rather didn't do any better. But he didn't care, having persuaded himself the story was true. Many people told him they were fake before the program was broadcast. Two of them were spiked for that reason.