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I Got Rather-Man Fever, It's Driving Me Crazy*

pacguys.jpgI had a dream last night that I was playing Pac-Man and Mr. Pac-Man had the face of Dan Rather. In this dream version of Pac-Man (or Rather-Man, if you will), the four ghosts chasing Rather were growing larger with each passing second. And, instead of controlling Pac-Man, I was controlling the ghosts. I was desperately trying to chew up Dan Rather and perhaps spit him out. I suppose that Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue were bloggers and, as they became bigger, turned into ABC, WaPo, Jim Geraghty and John Podhoretz. As I deftly maneuvered the ghosts/bloggers around the maze, Rather-Man was frantically trying to outpace me, but he was gobbling up so much fruit (the fruit in this version was rotted and putrid) in his pursuit of escape that he started to become ill. At first he turned green, then became bloated. So, instead of that cheery-yellow, circular Pac-Man we all know and love, I was staring at a mutated, green lump of a newsman. I guided Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue towards Rather-Man and cornered him just as he was about to eat the power-up that would bring him back to health. As the four ghosts, now working on their own without my joystick aid, got within a breath of Rather, he chomped on the power-up and and turned with sinister eyes towards his enemies. Unfortunately, the power-up was a fake. The four ghosts laughed as they grew larger and larger and poor Rather-Man backed himself up against the corner of the maze and defiantly waited to be eaten. His last words before Inky pounced upon the hapless Rather-Man were "you will rue the day you gave me a fake power-up, Michael Moore! RUE!" I suppose if he had a fist, he would have been shaking it in the air. I don't make this stuff up, people. These are the dreams of a mad blogger. The only question that lingers from this dream is: how many lives did Rather-Man have left? I eagerly await this sound accompanied by the flashing words GAME. OVER. *


It's official. You are completely insane.

I love this about you. :-)

I dreamt that Jerry Orbach was being replaced by David Rasche on law and Order.

Opening scene, doink-doink sound, Sledge Hammer is standing over a dead perp. He looks at his partner, shrugs, and says "What?"

Next scene, another dead perp. Partner's disgusted, Sledge hands back a toaster to a shopkeeper.

Next scene, the DA's are sitting around a table playing cards.

I am saddened to see that the original O.G. (old ghost) Clyde did not make a cameo in the dream sequence :(

That damned Sue, she runied everything!

I think your concept and this concept:


definitely need to merge!

I think you have missed your calling, political video game design. Start by patenting, then developing this one.

Think about the frustration relief they would provide for both sides of an issue. No 'bias' allowed in the software.

Put me on your list for the beta trial please.

Why do I get the feeling that Rather-Man has unlimited lives?