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I wasn't expecting it, either

Like Steve, I was suprised to find out that CNN showed a shot of ASV tonight during a segment about bloggers/CBS (well, Steve was talking about his own blog, not ASV. Damn syntax). At least I think it was about the bloggers/CBS thing. Although the second half might have been less about blogging and more about...something....nah, not going there. If you watched it, you know where I was headed with that.
Thanks to David Mayer for the screencap! Strangely, this shot shows the header I had up well over a month ago. Little does DJ know he was on CNN tonight! cnnshot.JPG


Although the second half might have been less about blogging and more about...something....nah, not going there.

Go there. For the love of God, go there.

On the way...

I was able to turn it off before the pasty pimpette talked, but unfortunately I was subjected to the teaser. Her blog is dessert. Tee fuckin hee. I think the segment that showed your (old) header was done pre-Rathergate and was just talking about political blogs in general - you're considered an example of a "somewhat political" one. Then they went live and Insty and the FreeRepublic guy talked about the blogger/CBS thing.

For the love of God, go there.

Why? So she can be accused of starting a--okay, see, I'm not going there either.

As much as I'd enjoy her going there, it ain't worth the aggravation that tags along with it.

Michele, I wonder if you're wondering the same thing I'm wondering.

Why, before CNN took vidcaps off our sites, didn't they give us warning?

Well Stephen, not to be rude about it, but why would they?

They're just showing random shots of some web sites. Not anything likely to cause an avalanche of visitors or anything. I mean, I guess it would be nice, but it's public information. Like, why would they warn Time Magazine, or Amazon, if they were going to show a shot of their pages? I doubt if it even occurred to them.

I'm just wondering why it's a month-old shot. Someone had this sitting in their cache?

So, you must have signed that release for the photograph of DJ, right?

Obviously Michele is now a staple in CNN's "file video" library, for rapid retrieval by CNN whenever blogs are discussed. Congratulations, Michele!

Brian I was thinking the same thing. Just showing a shot of the blog is fine but they really should have asked her permission to slap up a picture of a minor on national TV.

This sure beats me getting mentioned on BBC Radio 4 last week :(