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While I Was Out

I bought a new domain name. Now, what do I do with it? Yes, that means I'm entertaining suggestions.


Depends on what the name of the domain is. You could do something light with it.

Well, drew, if you click on the link I provided, the mystery domain name will reveal itself.

Didnt relize it was a link since everything you underline is not always one. But thanks anyway for the sarcasm in the reply.

well, looks like you've pretty much relegated yourself to all things vinyl. A category that leaves you with three options: the most popular being vinyl records, but don't forget about siding and flooring; two of the most understimated and dynamic vinyl products. With all these doors open, the sky's the limit. With live feeds or updated photos, you could bring the phrase 'Watching the Lineoleum curl' to a whole nevel level.

I don't know what the hell to you. Surely you have something in mind, or you wouldn't have bought the domain right?

That wasn't sarcasm, Drew. It was light humor.

Lighten up, Frances.

Start an Ebay-type service. Or a DJ-type service.


Whatever you do, don't buy the Angus Burger from Burger King.

It's awful!

It would also work as a fetish site. Couple it with ihavethatinfurry.com. ;-)

Or you could go with a more pedestrian idea...rates, reviews, etc, but only for those timeless treasures that debuted in poly. Stories and anecdotes, memories of life the first time you heard Hysteria or Bridge Over Troubled Water. Retro passion stuff.

Have what on vinyl? I'm not old enough to understand your arcane references.

Hah, Solly. Stop trying to make yourself look younger than me when everyone knows I refer to you as Grandpa Sol.

I'd like to trade some of my old vinyl's for other vinyl's I'd rather have. Could you make a trading section for weirdos like me?

For instance: I have an old Abbey Road with the original Apple label I'd trade for an early release by The Cure.

And so on...

Jim makes an intersting point.What bands that are still producing music had made the crossover to CD,and what was their last vinyl release?What was the last major album released on vinyl?

"What was the last major album released on vinyl?"

Depends on your definition of "major". Lots of bands in the punk realm are still issuing records on vinyl. One of the bigger-selling recent albums to get a vinyl version is Spend The Night by The Donnas.

I really like the idea of doing record reviews of all sorts of great stuff that will never, ever be heard on Classic Rock radio. Stuff like NRBQ, Tonio K, stuff that is artistically brilliant but never latched onto mainstream success, for whatever reason. Of course you could review popular albums as well - a cool Michele anecdote can liven up just about any subject matter. ;-)

You can start a request service for people looking for things on vinyl - or offering them to sell or trade?

Eh, I don't want to make work for myself, I want to have fun.

I thought the name was cute and reflected on my obsession with the pop culture of my youth. I want to expand on that obsession somehow. But lord no, I don't want to actually make work out of it.

Well, if you don't want to make it work, you're probably going to need some collaborators.

Sounds to me like a good title for what's permanent and lasting in 20th Century Popular Music--which I personally think is what the ages will remember us for.

Or, it could be just about your youth and its foibles.

or & or & or...

Vinyl pajamas? Better yet, vinyl teddys?


Well, based on the domain, I'd go with reviews of either (A) classic must-have albums or (B) sexy clothes.

I still have hundreds of LPs. No turntable at the moment, though. The old one stopped working a while ago....

I dated a girl in high school whose parents covered everything, and I mean everything in plastic slip covers.

Does that help?

Maybe turn it into a tribute site for the DeVinyls?

I touch myself just thinking about it.....

My mom still has the jukebox from my Grandmother's bar,and boxes and boxes of old 45s.Man,that thing is a blast.I need to get a turtable.Ebay here I come!

Michele, you said,
I want to have fun.I thought the name was cute and reflected on my obsession with the pop culture of my youth. I want to expand on that obsession somehow.
so how about a group blog about the pop culture of your (and my) youth. You like blogging and adding more people would mean less writing for you. Making the site a group blog also means that it would be more than just an adjunct to A Small Victory. With a group of civilized, but opinionated, people the inevitable disagreements would also make for fun reading and writing.

I like Average Joe's suggestion of a group blog. I'm not big on guest posting, but I'd even be willing to write once in a while.

You can't go wrong with opinionated people expressing their views politely. Just think of the 80's musical arguments alone.

hey, i know! why don't you discuss politics and the current state of the nation?


a bit more than you did with
"songs in the key of blog"


I vote you should use it. :p

Is "Ihavethatonvinylintheattic" still available?

How about a pop-culture blog that takes a "Comic Book Guy" tone about everything?

'Cos "I have that on vinyl" just sounds to me like something a Comic Book Guy type would say.

(Not implying your ordinary popculture posts are like that; in fact they're quite wonderful. And stretching to channel Comic Book Guy could get really old really fast. But it was just a thought.)

It could also be an 70s-80s popculture tribute blog, if you're up for such a thing

Makes me even more want to see the new movie about Tom Dowd


There is a screening here in SF next Tues night,and the director is scouting locations for his next film on the book"Temples of Sound" A must read for music fans.

I'd be willing to contribute to a group blog occasionally. I don't listen to my vinyl stuff often enough these days anyway...

For some strange reason, the first thing that poped into my mind was that stuff that "repairs" vinyl and leather.
Yes, I know I watch too much late-nite infomercials.
/glad to see ya back;-)
Mike Lawson
/p.s. might need help creating a good template for my new blog

You could also answer questions from your younger readers. Like : " I found a bunch of stuff in my parents garage and it is, like, really old stuff, like, from the 80's and the 70's and what I need to know is are they still good and how do you play them? And why are there different sizes?"

I like the idea of a pop-culture blog of the late-vinyl era. All the kind of stuff I bought for under a dollar as CDs became huge, all my friends' record collections I'm "holding" for them, and all the great music of that era that hasn't been put in a stupid Greatest Hits of the 80s! collection.

I don't care if that was a wonderful cultural time, a lowpoint in American culture, or a pathetic attempt to have something--anything!--fit between Baby Boomers and the grunge/rap generations. I just think it's a great idea.

I like the idea of guest posts. Run it like a crappily-produced, mass-produced zine: ugly fonts, lots of black, no colors, even on the cover (think maximumrockandroll more than Ben is Dead).

I commend you on making me excited for something that doesn't even exist.

Recipies from a '50s diner. Perhaps with waiters dressed in blue&white striped pj's.

(I did think of 45's, remembering your flirting with being a music service, but that was second.)

I'm fairly confident that I'll enjoy it, whatever it is.


And I'm very glad you're back. You were missed.

errr Pr0n...

ummmm Pr0n with records

daaaa pr0n with records, and leather

or just pr0n

or ricki's idea, one or the other.

Arghh!!! The "Lighten up Francis" quote is driving me nuts! I can hear it in my head, but can't remember what it is from.

You make it a confessional for peculiar pop culture obsessions.

It's from Stripes. You're welcome.

You could sell it on E-bay. I'd hold out for at least a million.

Failing that, there are lots of vinyl things besides records. You could devote the site to cheap lounge chairs, landau car roofs of the 70's, Hollywood personalities, Dan Rather's face ... lots of things.