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Pajama Time

Just because. Me in my pajamas. Many years before blogging, of course. But that's not to say I don't have those very same jammies now. And maybe, just maybe, I am wearing them right this very second.


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Those would be very tight pajamas at this point, I assume.

And I hope this sort of frequent posting means you're back to blogging.

so much for october?

It's not as good as the one with the hat. Give of more of you in a … um … hat.


Ok Michelle... as much as I fight adding anymore type weight to the bloglist you are a must stop read so on you go....(caught your post through a link from Whizbangers)

- While we'er on the subject you need that to be a "Magic hat" to go with your ensemble ... good piece btw ...

Personally, I think that is a beautiful picture of Michele and her jammies.

And, to the topic of the post, while right now I am wearing tan chino pants and a crisp white button-down shirt, both from Brooks Brothers, I proudly confess that I often comment while wearing a maroon bathrobe that has a monogram of my initials.

...While I think its perfectly normal to want to blog in your finest night wear I'm a bit concerned on "wear" this might be going, particularly after the blogments© talking about "digital brownshirts"...What next...Bill Blass or Old Navy blog chic Mauve'... Bon appitite'...

Anyone wanna know what I'm wearing?



That's the one before Christmas isn't it?

What a cute kid.


You would look like CBS's target demographic - young, impressionable, asleep - except that you look too cute.

As an aside, if 'Average' Joes usually relax in Brooks Brothers clothes and monogramed bathrobes, I wish my parents hadn't named me David. Being a Joe sounds like it has a much better economic average.

Of course, I'm not sure I've ever seen a pic of you that I would deem anything other than adorable...

That seriosuly looks just like Nat.

Miss you!

Somebody really likes Yes.

I am not wearing pajamas.

I am, however, wearing the clothes I normally sleep in.

Because I have the flu, dammit.

I didn't even know those posts were there, Meryl. The ubiquitous Yes-referencing posts have been deleted and the perpetrator banned, simply for quoting "Starship Trooper" when this post clearly called for "Long Distance Runaround."

Or something like that.

Are you sucking your thumb, or is this just a forgery photo-shopped to make you look bad?

Anybody check with Dan Rather yet?

lol- they say if you drink too much coffee it will stunt your growth...

And to think all this time I thought you blogged nude... ;)

cute.........(but I'm 64!:-)