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fate and fairs

Had a post here but didn't save as I was going along and Firefox crashed on me, taking my post with it. Long story short: Something inane kept me at work three more minutes than I had intended to stay. On the way home, I came upon a flipped over van and a rather smashed up Toyota. And I wondered: if not for that inane (and unecessary) three minute project I stayed to take care of I might have been where that Toyota was. See, you never know what fate does - or doesn't - have in store for you. My deep, if overly dramatic, thought for the day. We are now off to the parents' for an early birthday celebration, as my kids leave for their annual trip to the state fair tomorrow. There's nothing like a good steak and a chocolate cake to effectively stick your tongue out at fate. I see that once again, the state fair people have come up with a bizarre poster. Not as bad as last year's, which made me think my kids were being carted off to the netherworld. But, still....flying cheese cows and bunnies humping flashlights are not exactly the things I think about when I hear the words state fair. And is that Bigfoot riding the coaster? Maybe they'll photoshop it a Fark again.


Isn't the bunny on the microphone a bit too much for kids?

Same thought here, Faith!!

I don't want to seet the Farkshop of THAT.

Planet Fair? Do they play a B-52's inspired theme song in the TV promos?

Memo to the State Fair Marketing Art Department:

Hallucinogens should be taken only in very small doses when working on a project for your employer. Save the mega-doses for when you want to round out your personal portfolio.

Michele, I certainly hope your kids enjoy their stay in our little neck of the woods. State Fairs are weird. Their just keeping up with the expected level of weirdness. And in NY state, this is tame. Imagine some crazy midwestern state's fair. The Morris, IL "Corn Festival" was just a small town gig when we lived there, and it was plenty weird.

Even though they're just kids, they might still enjoy a stop at the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse while they are here. If not a direct trip, I think they have a presence at the fair, too. Authentic Syracuse at it's best.

The bunny is, indeed very disturbing. As is the chicken. (Does this mean that they feature good, clean, maquis de Queensbury cockfighting at the fair? Or are the gloves just to make sure it can't get away from the rabbit...?)

404s! everywhere i look!

ah.... love bunny.

oh, it's in =syracuse=. well, that's one state fair i'm never going to.

Does anyone have "normal" state fairs? A trip to the Iowa State Fair would indicate that we are a bunch of husband calling, yodeling, cow chip throwing, outhouse racing hillbillies. I guess we are for ten days out of the year when the fair is on.

This year we were famous due to mentions on ABCNEWS regarding the butter cow and USA Today and a few other places that I'm too lazy to look up.

(sidenote: for you city folk, a cow chip is dried cow shit, and yes, throwing it is a great big freakin deal)

On a different point, I don't believe in fate one bit. Everything happens for a reason.

I do believe in fairs, though.

We had a Governor here for many years in Ohio who would insist every year that trustees from the state pen be used to replaster and repaint a giant scarlet cardinal (our state bird and everybody else's) smack in the middle of the fairgrounds.

By the end of his four terms in office the Cardinal looked like it had Elephantitis.

Favorite exhibit: Honey, honeycombs and live honeybees hives behind glass (always free samples!)

Second favorite exhibit: Exotic bunnies, particularly the fluffy French Lops (who have to have their fur plucked daily for good grooming!)

Third favorite exhibit: The life size butter sculptures.

Favorite event: Tractor pulling contests.

Worst State Fair experience: On the broiling midway, no shade, 99F degrees @ 80% humidity because the teenage daughter of the lady I was dating at the time insisted on it.

Best State Fair in the U.S.A.: New Mexico, hands down. Not too big, everything you want in a State Fair, nothing you don't, plus the smell of roasting green chiles, ripening red chile ristras, Hispanic dancing, and the finest yearly exhibit of Native American Arts and Crafts in the entire world. Stunningly beautiful work.

The finest spiritual advice I ever received is to always remember that your death may be inches or minutes away from you, no matter where you are.

"99F degrees @ 80% humidity because the teenage daughter of the lady I was dating at the time insisted on it."

You had a girlfriend whose teenage daughter could make it hot and humid just by insisting on it? (sorry)

The last time I saw anything like that it was painted on the side of a van. And there was a tire cover on the back with a painting of Frodo smoking pot.

So, we have the happy bunny and Mr. Microphone doing together what bunnies do best. But what's with the western-fetish boxes cavorting down at the bottom?

Boxing roosters, flying produce, bunnies having marital relations with sound equipment, starfish with some sort of skin disorder...damn. It's either the New York State Fair, or the dream I had after eating way too much pizza before going to bed.

Well, the NY State Fair had its own weirdness for a couple of years when Bill and Hillary kept showing up there to prove they're New Yorkers. But with no big election on the line involving them this year, I don't know if they're going to even make it up to Skaneateles Lake this time around (but in the Senate election year of 2006, watch outm especially if Rudy's on the ballot).

I can't say i believe in fate, but I also didn't believe there is something called purple oxygen
and i guess there are even two pages on it: more purple oxygen...

You had a girlfriend whose teenage daughter could make it hot and humid just by insisting on it?"

Didn't you know that the world revolves around teenage dsughters?

My teenage daughter can wilt flowers with just a glare.

I know what you mean, michele. Mine can make paint peel with a scowl.....

I kinda like it, though that bunny is a little disturbing. ;-)

Whats with the green flying dude and the cowboy sugar cubes? Ours just finished, and though we got to see the worlds largest pig, we missed the cockroach races. I'm distraught.