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We interrupt this blogging break to bring you... Cooking with Candidates Just keep scrolling.


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» Cooking With Candidates from INDC Journal
This got a good laugh from me: Dick Cheney's Stew of Evil 1 Fluffy Woodland Creature and/or Third World Child Oil! Salt Substitute Pepper Sieze Creature/Child. Bash its bones. Stir into oil. Salt Substitute and Pepper to taste. Go check... [Read More]


I keep forgetting to update my breadmachine recipe list. Someone pointed out to me that I forgot the baby blood.

and here I was wondering "what to have for lunch"?

Well, that Rove Evil Stew will be simmerin in a half hour. Now, where's the kitten?

OIL! made me laugh...

How about the recipe for Chicken Curry Clinton?

mmmm, evil stew.....