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all filler, no killer

A wise blogger once told me that if I have nothing to say, then don't say anything. In other words, don't post crap just because you feel like you have to fill the space. And no, this has nothing to do with politics. I just despise summer and by late August I'm always consumed by apathy. In lieu of some crappy posts I've deleted and because I have nothing new to say (and won't until at least Monday), here's some stuff I wrote. Back when I writed really good.
And don't forget: Voices Project 2004 Strengthen the Good.


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I'm 44 in the same birthday brazure, and screw, ... I own Ramones compared to you. Gabba, Gabba, ... kick some ass ? Long Island? pssht AH!

Penguin, WTF? Know idea what you're going on about.

As usual.

doobee doobee bay doobee doo ...

I take Sunday as a blog day of rest. This has something to do with honouring the Sabbath and something to do with giving the blogging neurons a rest.

Michele if you are feeling kinda blah - then maybe you should have someone guest blog for a while.

For instance I could guest blog and explain why Loaiza was such a good deal for the Yankees [sarcasm off]. I could then explain how the overworked Yankee bullpen is going to implode in September.

Yeah - guest blogging for you could be fun.

Glad I'm not the only one who hates summer. Always have. Probably has something to do with growing up in a desert town.

{HUGS} Michelle I am glad I am not the only one feeling rather BLAH this summer... Gosh I can't wait for school to start again just to get some sort of schedule back in our lives although I am NOT looking forward to the cold/snow... Thanks for the great work you do on this blog - I have always enjoyed reading you...

Hey, what happened to the rock concert post? I was looking forward to reading other people's 'worst concert ever' stories.

I hate summer because in Florida it lasts ten goddamn months and nine of those have temps in the high nineties with matching humidity and oh yeah HURRICANE SEASON.

I prefer to spend my sundays indoors with just a small time out to go out for lunch and thats about it why go far anyway? I just wonder what these envirmetalists wackos do on their sudays? they probibly spend it doing their weird OOOm OOOm OOOms to trees