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I had a dream last night that I was in a large house with a foyer. In the foyer hung an enormous potrait of Alan Keyes. Every time I walked out of the room and back in again, the potrait would change. Sometimes Alan would smile, sometimes he would frown. One time, he was wearing a Red Sox cap. Another time, he gave me the finger. I amused myself for what seemed like hours by walking in and out of the foyer, until Alan Colmes told me to stop because I was disturbing the people who had come to view Elvis. Shrug. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I paid a shiva call last night. Or maybe it was the pepperoni pizza.


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It's my understanding that when you are dreaming things like writing on paper, signs and pictures are never the same if you look away and look back.

Sure seems to hold true for the dream you had.

I think you deserve reparations for your suffering.

That Laurence, always good for a wise arse remark. A very fitting one, however. I just don't know who to get reparations from in this case.....

Oh, that's right, nanny state government. How could I forget?

But Keyes AND Colmes? That had to be bloody awful.

Hey Michele, I hate to go so flagrantly off topic here, but I want to pick your brain, and my IP address is still banned from the CPs Publishers Desk page.

Others and myself have noticed many threads at the CP receiving zero comments lately. There seems to be a total lack of willingness for people to leave comments there if they are going to be overly scrutinized on the content of their comments.

Not that I am complaining. Your loss has been my gain. Readership at my blog has increased dramatically since you implemented authoritarian control over the comments there. Yet I come no where near seeing the kind of traffic levels to do here.

My question to you is, in hindsight do you think you & Alan made the right call? Are you happy with the decreased volume of debate at the CP? I realize that the former commentators there were only a small fraction compared to the lurkers your advertising stream revenue is based on. But do you regret the loss of debate that made the CP so much more than just a newsblog collective?

I imagine Alan is happy with the artificially civil tone of his threads, but I have noticed you have yet to pull the trigger on Type-Key registration here on your personal blog.

My god, woman. I'm torn between killing myself laughing at this dream or shutting my eyes and trying to smack it out of my head lest it come and haunt me at some later date.


Ha ha. Keyes giving you the finger must not have been half so disturbing as him wearing a Sox cap! ;-)

I suppose the real question for newfound-Illinois "resident" Alan Keyes is whether, like Hillary! having "always" been a Yankee fan, he's "always" been a fan of the Cubs or the White Sox. Not that he'll get many votes in Chicago either way, but damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Did you ever see The Ladykillers movie? The portrait on the wall (the old woman's deceased spouse) kept changing expressions at certain points in the film. Yer post reminded me of that - very hilarious.

What is it w/you and Will Collier???

The only thing I can think of is that you're purging yourself of 30-odd years of bad energy. Or you did some really bad stuff way back when and it's finally leaching out.

I sleep much more soundly than you do. But then I'm a pubbie and heartless.