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Taking a Link Dump

Well, I was going to get all theme-like and do this the old Church of the Blogosphere Bulletin way, but we just picked up the special edition of Lost Boys and it looks like family night with vampires is taking precedent. So this will be quick and dirty. Good links all around, folks. Click them all. * The Smarter Cop offers up a plate of waffles. * Jim enjoys his fifteen minutes of Atlanta fame. * Stupid is as stupid does, as the princess can attest to. * Laurence wants us to know that Tom Snyder Lives! You might want to turn your speakers down. * Ith creates the Question the Timing Drinking Game. * Sissy Willis on Lynndie England and turkey shooting. * Hurbis discovers a new way to deal with teen angst. * Veruka - who has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers - talks about flying torsos. Sort of. I also suggest you do a lot of scrolling. Veruka is fairly new to the blogging scene and she blames it all on me. But, she's good! * Chris is keeping an Olympic tally on how the members of the coalition of the willing are doing. * Stephen says Kerry has a border patrol problem. * For the stats lovers among us, Crank has a great post on the Montreal Expos and what they could have been. * David and the Purpose Driven Sex Life, Part I. Sounds like the start of a good musical. * Tom Bridge has a must read about justice being served. * I think this quiz at Begging to Differ wins my favorite link of the night: Alt Rock Lyrics or Spam? * A reminder to join Alan's wonderful project, Strengthen the Good. Al Franken has. * Marty Dodge's band is ready for fame and fortune! * Skillzy has a fair and balanced look at Doom 3. As opposed to his unbalanced love for the Red Sox. * And, my blog o' the day: Heidi McDonald's Beat. [comic geek alert] Some games for you game addicts: * Lightning Pool * Sure, it's just hangman, but it's got some fun categories. Ah, that was a good dump.


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Ah, that was a good dump.

Great Googly Moogly

By the way, I bombed on the spam vs lyrics thing

It would be pretty difficult for me to love the (beloved) Red Sox enough to balance out my hatred for the (evil) Yankees.

That's a lotta links.

Glad everything came out all right :-)

As usual, you are fabulous...that's why I rave about you all the time! (I'm not a stalker, I promise ;-)

Something I never could stomach about this town was all the damn vampires!

Thanks so much. That was fun. And thanks to Ith's "Question the Timing" Drinking Game, I expect to be permanently drunk through November 2.

How about a courtesy flush? ;-)

Thanks for the link Michele...consider yourself in the "thank you" section of the album :D Email me if you wish to get a taster track or two.

Thank You for the mention.

Thanks for the link Michelle - cheers!

Thanks for the li -- er, I just got my Lost Boys DVD, too. Also arriving today were Duel, Sugarland Express, Goodfellas SE and Predator SE.

Corey Haim looks like some sort of bleached, creme-filled puff pastry. It's sad, really -- him wearing his hair exactly like he did in '87, I mean.

what is this