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Wednesday is Link Day

I'm headed to a funeral service in a bit and after that I'm taking the kids back to school shopping. Damn those kids, they won't stop growing. Now they need whole new wardrobes. Suffice it to say I won't be buying any ponchos or big striped shirts for them. Anyhow, I've got a huge, massive, giant link dump coming up this evening. That sounds gross, I know. But I promise, it won't be. In addition to the usual links to other blogger's stellar writing, I've got a few good games to play (in case you haven't tired of Weboggle yet) and other assorted goodies. Meanwhile, dump your links below in usual fashion. If you've got a blog post, I've got a place to put it. That place depends on what your post is about, of course. I think I may bring back the church bulletin theme. Kidding. Go ahead, it's an official link whore Wednesday. P.S. I'm blog sitting for The Mighty Geek while he's offline for two weeks. I'll be digging into my archives for the Geek, who likes my old stuff. I've already posted the tale of That Actress With the Big Boobs Who Crashed My Grandfather-in-Law's Funeral.


Here's one for a church waffle breakfast...

I made it into the newspaper yesterday. That was pretty cool.

Encounters with stupid people in and around the airport...

here and here

Try not to be shocked, but Tom Snyder is still alive.

I created a new drinking game.

A new way to fight teen depression.

David Zimmer is going to jail for stealing from the 9/11 victims' fund. I hope his cellmate likes him a lot. In that visceral sort of way.

My co-blogger Greg has a quiz where you have to guess whether a group of words comes from spam or from alt-rock lyrics. It's hard.

Michele for those interested in politics and the Olympics - I have been keeping a daily tally of how the Nations who were part of the Coalition of the Willing are doing against the rest of the world.

So far the good guys have won 54% of the medals.

Click on my name or go to


A little fun with Kerry's nautical border adventures.

Well, if anyone's looking for some numbers-heavy baseball nostalgia, this post on the 1994 Expos is the result of months of painstaking work with old box scores. Weep, weep for the Expos!

In a cheap attempt to get more hits, I'm doing my best to capitalize on two of today's greatest fads with a post called "The Purpose Driven Sex Life."


Well, I guess one aspect of that post title isn't merely a passing fad, now is it?

I'm filling a spot on the web that doesn't need any more people. My blog makes good blogs look, well, good by being purely mediocre in comparison.

Fair and balanced Doom 3 review here.

scratching my head. Did someone say blog and whore and church bulletin in the same sentence? Of course Im here sniffing around just the same. heh