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Terror Charges in Britian

[These charges are against the eight arrested two weeks ago. What's news is that the target was not the UK, but the U.S. - very specific targets]
Dhiren Bharot, from Willesden, north-west London, is charged with possession of plans for the stock exchange and Citigroup bank building in New York, IMF headquarters in Washington DC. Along with Nadeem Tarmohammed, again from Willesden, he was also accused of owning documents relating to an alleged attack on the Prudential Building in New Jersey.
Eight men were arrested, including a major Al Qaeda figure. ...authorities report the men planned to use radioactive, chemical, toxic, and explosive substances, and that their target was not the UK rather, it was the United States... News and updates at Command Post. Another blow to the war on terrorism. It's working.


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I question the t-.....Oh, never mind.

Fine as far as it goes. But no word yet, I see, of anyone actually holding any "radioactive materials, explosives, or toxic substances"--only maps and terrorist cookbooks. I also note the actual apprehension was way back on August 3.

So, at best, we have nipped this in the daydream stage, and, at worst, we have sent still more warnings to the cell with the deadly stuff to go completely to ground.

I just hope MI-5 already knows where to look for them....

If only Joseph were in charge. Clearly, he knows better what to do.

You know, for all the back and forth about the WoT and the Patriot Act, it does seem to me that we have arrested a fair amount of people who have meant to do us harm.

In short, the system does seem to be functioning.

I wonder when a major Islamic figure is going to give up the ghost and acknowledge the problem.

Look at it this way: The only rational reason (putting politics aside) all that's happened so far overseas required the parade of paramilitary cops around those buildings is that we DON'T KNOW if anyone is out there with the real explosives or the real low-level radioactive waste.

Since we don't know, when do we stop guarding the buildings? So shouldn't we be making plans, for example, to make central DC and downtown Manhattan totally pedestrian for "security purposes"? I've heard of no such plans.

There is more to "security preparations" than apprehensions and "alerts". If we are truly serious about this being a long term "war" that extra level of preparation would be a high priority. But that extra level clearly doesn't make breaking news headlines or juicy photo-ops.

Do you suppose that's why we hear so little of our government doing any of it?

Joseph, why don't you come spend some time with us in lower Manhattan and see the extra preparations for yourself. Not on the news? Broadcasting defense plans is about as smart as Michael Moore.

Indeed, I'm not too far from the Citicorp center in midtown Manhattan.. there has been quite a change in a month. No trucks are allowed to drive on the entire block around the building, and even some cars have trouble convincing the cops to let them through. You can't get to B&N through the Citicorp entrance any more, you've got to enter from 3rd avenue, and then all bags are searched.

That's just the stuff I can see as a regular person going by.

Oh, and the cops have been doing the subway swarm at the stop below that building (you'll know it when you experience it). We've not had the military police move out from Grand Central to patrol the building, far as I can tell, but who knows? Maybe at the end of this month, they will.

There's a lot of stuff we don't know, and there's plenty of stuff that I'm sure we don't know that we don't know (to paraphrase Rumsfeld)... we do the best we can.

Marshall thinks "downtown Manhattan" should be totally pedestrian for "security"?

Well, gee, if we want "security" like that, why not just make all of NYC "pedestrian"? It's not like trucks are strictly needed

Are you actually trying to be serious, Joseph, or is this some bizarre form of malformed sarcasm?

Mayhap you should ask the locals, like meep and Faith, about what actually may be being done, rather than suggesting something like a ban on all vehicular traffic, evidently without considering the effects thereof?

(And re. DC... do you expect Senators to walk to work? It would kill Ted Kennedy. Hmm. Well, aside from that, what good would it do?)

Joseph posted:

"Fine as far as it goes. But no word yet, I see, of anyone actually holding any "radioactive materials, explosives, or toxic substances"--only maps and terrorist cookbooks."

Now that you mention it, you're right! Why didn't the rest of us see this?!? And Bin Laden I'll bet does not now, nor never did have a ticket on one of the four aircraft involved in 9/11 either! I'll be he never even set foot on one of those airplanes. That sinks it - Bush is the real and only terrorist (well ok, Rumsfeld too).

Bush is the source of all evil today just as you've always known, right Joseph? I'm sure Michael Moore's (Money be upon Him) next prescient documentary will show with clear facts and a total lack of of unsupported innuendo that Bush is personally responsible for all evil since evil was invented.

Bush's irresponsible responsibility for all evil must be true else how would he remain Dictator King of America and keep us under his boot heels by maintaining the police state he oh so quietly put in to place shortly after taking office.

Wait, what's that? Someone's knocking at my door... Oh Gawd NO, it's a man in a brown shirt! How did they... Of course! Its that facist patriot act! They know what I'm writing and they've come for me. Where's Al Gore when I need him?...

Ok, it was just UPS - this time. But Bush is still personally responsible for all things that you and I don't like or agree with (at least as long as you agree with me about what should be 'liked' and what to agree with), and I know its only a matter of time before Carnivore informs them of what I'm writing here and a non-UPS brown shirt shows up at my door.

Right Joseph?


Joseph, you are as far from having a clue as the laws of physics allow.

you are as far from having a clue as the laws of physics allow.

That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Even funnier than Joseph's original post. ;)

" I'm sure Michael Moore's (Money be upon Him) next prescient documentary"

That was pretty funny, too.

oh jesus. on top of everything else, i'm a double poster now, a couple times over.

Well, prof, I'll send you a sharp spoon and a baggie and you can fly to Afghanistan and look for him -- or rather, his cremains -- yourself, if you are so concerned. As for myself, I don't see why we need to "find" Bin Laden. It's not like he has special superpowers that he's going to unleash. Even if he is alive, which I seriously doubt, what danger is he -- really?

Andrea, I think poor, multiple-posting Prof's sad sad point is that just because we've yet to catch the big man, the WoT is a failure. That's just too deluded to need a response.