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Forget AvP

Freddy v. Jason v. Ash. Ash wins.


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A preemptive HELL YEAH! Or if the Bruce Campbell deal breaks through, maybe they can get Shaun (of the Dead) instead. That'd be a riot.

That would be awesome. I dread the Matrix effects though. These are so much better with cheesy F/X and over the top acting.

Everyone involved, with the exception of Bruce Campbell, needs to be publicly flogged for even considering the notion.

Hey, if it's the only way I'm going to get to see more Ash, I'll take it.

Freddy... Jason... I'm the one with the gun.

It would be too much to hope for that Ash would kill them both -- not only would that kick ass because Ash rules, it would also make the franchise DIE DIE DIE!!! Oh wait, this is the movies...

The Battle of the Cheesy One-liners!

Freddy (to Ash): Hey mister--need a hand? HAHAHA!!!

Ash: (to Freddy) Hey ugly--welcome to my nightmare!

Ash: (to Jason) Didn't I fight you already? ...I can only imagine what your mother looked like. Yeesh.

--I'm with Michele. Any Ash is good Ash.

It's a trick. Get an axe.

Ash vs Leatheface, Battle Of The Chainsaws :

It could happen.

And yes, any Ash is good Ash.

Hail to the king, baby!!

From a post at brucecampbell.com:

Hockey Mask, yes... Bladed Glove, Yes... Boomstick, Probably not... (06.02)

Jason vs. Freddy vs. Ash? That's the rumor floating around this pile of clutter we call the internet.

My advice, don't hold your breath. Chances are, we'll be seeing Joanie Loves Chachi Loves Ash first.

I'd rather have a plain ol' Evil Dead sequel, but I'd still go see it.

Anyone play the Evil Dead video game on xbox?

The Return of Ash? One word....


And, in no particular order:

"Aw baby! That's just what we call pillow talk!"

"There! I said it!"

"Shop smart. Shop SMart!"

And, oh yeah, Ash wins in a TKO over both those bozos in the 9th.

So, how bad IS AvP? Enquiring minds want to know...

I'm sorry, but the very first Ash that came to my mind was that stupid kid in the Pokemon cartoon.

Sort of a Godzilla v. Bambi thing, you know.

NOBODY here has a young son in the house, and thought, like me, that "Ash" referred to the main Pokemon trainer? Now that would be cool: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Pokemon!

Oops. I didn't see that last comment before I posted. Nitwit.

The idea sounds interesting, although I have a feeling Jason would be the odd man out, not being able to react as well as Freddy to Ash's macho cool humor. But at least he's dead like Freddy, so he's got the edge there.

I think the whole enterprise would go over much better if there was a final scene where Freddy and Jason bumrushed Ash in the S-Mart, like in AoD.

"Yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot."


i'll be there opening night.

A great story until the inexplicable line - "Although Sam Raimi will not direct . . ."

A straight gore-fest won't work for Ash - he needs much more tongue in cheek than even Freddy has. (NME III notwithstanding)

I vote for Freddy vs. Jason vs. Blade.