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Lileks Ate My Brain

You know what really sucks? When you go to bed secure in the knowledge that you have your morning blog post all sewn up because you saw this article on how the fashions of the 70's were coming back - including ponchos - and you thought to yourself, oh, that's what I'm going to blog about in the morning because that subject is just ripe for picking, and then you form some wonderful sentences and snarky insults in your mind about ponchos and then, you wake up in the morning, pull up The Bleat and see that while you were sleeping, James Lileks was sucking the 70's idea out of your head with a magical bendy straw.

Curse you, James Lileks.

Back to the drawing board.


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Cut Jimmy some slack ... he works for Newhouse.

And no royalty check. Not even a Slurpee in exchange. Jeeeze.

We could cure our kids of this 70s fashion flashback by showing them pictures of us wearing that crap.

Hasn't that 70s thing come and gone and come and gone a few times now?

It never stops coming back. I remember seeing Brady-era turtlenecks-with-zippers at a Gap in 92. I don't know what we do to deserve this.

Which is why I can hardly wait for the Interior Desecrators book to come out. There's something about the train-wreck fashion sense of the seventies that makes me laugh each time it comes back around again.

I abhore the wretched patterned mens shirts that keep showing up.

OK...now, I love the Lileks, but I have seen some pictures of him on mastheads, columns, his blog, etc...

I think it might not be so much that he sucked the idea out with a bendy straw, but that he opened his own closet to pull out something to wear and went "Oh crap, this is something I bought when they still said Da Nang on the nightly news." Ajnd then the article, and well...when you're still wearing the stuff...

I'm just sayin.


God those zipper necks were in 92?? I would have sworn 82.

I have to clean out my closet now.

70s fashion is back, again? How many comebacks does it take before we can admit to ourselves that there's a little 70s in all of us?

Sure, "That's Incredible" and "Real People" are no longer on the air, but you can't tell me television has gotten better. Porn is still huge. We'll all be turning up our thermostats this winter. We all shed a tear for the dearly departed Mrs. W. Jefferson. And we all dig Kung Fu movies.

And ponchos aren't any less practical than those tiny backpacks, one-shouldered sweatshirts, low-rider pants, or tube tops. Aren't they? If we could survive the 80s onslaught of day-glo sweatshirts and matching socks, Esprit bags, and Pat Benatar haircuts, then this too will be withstood. And whatever doesn't make us die of embarrassment makes us stronger.