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Reminder: Strengthen the Good

[Note: This post will stay on top all day. Newer posts will be below this one] I know many of you don't blog read on weekends, so I just want to repeat this post from yesterday, pointing to a wonderful initiative by my TCP partner Alan. The post is below. Please read if you haven't already.
Back in May, Alan came up with a grand idea: Strengthen the Good. It was a repsonse to the Nick Berg murder and the anger that arose from the brutality of Nick's death. He put the idea up on Command Post and people responded - overwhelmingly so. The call out to blogs and blog readers helped raise $15,000 for the family of Susan Tom. Alan didn't want the idea of "strengthening the good" to die out after the money was raised for the Tom family. So he bought this domain with the intention of turning his altruistic idea into an ongoing project. bq. Hereís the idea: Create a network of bloggers who raise awareness of ďmicro charitiesĒócharitable opportunities that are simple, personal, non-bureaucratic, and, like Susan Tom, inspiring. Charitable opportunities where someone can feel great about giving $1, or even just from reading the story of the charity, itís sponsors, and itís beneficiaries. Due to time constraints and Alan's hectic business schedule, the Strengthen the Good blog sat on the back burner, though it was never off Alan's mind, as almost every phone call we had ended up being about this great project. Alan has decided that now is the time to make the site go live. bq. Now, to action: Charley presents the first opportunity. Indeed, I threw the blog up before Sekiís design was ready because weíre already getting requests from readers about how they should help. Rather than give to the Red Cross, however, Iím working to identify a more local cause, which should pop up in the next day or so. When it does (and it will), Iíll post it as the first Strengthen The Good micro-charity. Iíll send the reminder email, and I hope youíll join in with your link. Read the post for the rest of the information about joining the mailing list, linking to the project and, in general, making this work. Over at STG, Alan has already posted some ways that you can help the ongoing relief efforts in Florida and the Carolinas. Eventually, Alan, with your help, will narrow STG's relief effort down to one local cause and all money raised from this mission of the Strengthen the Good project will go to that. Please, fellow bloggers, give some publicity to this project. Consider it a blogosphere call to action. And for all you blog readers out there, join the mailing list and then pass the links on to your friends and family. Thank you. Update: If you do want to participate in this, please join the mailing list.