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The Cutler Chronicles

Of all the things to anger me this weekend, this is probably the one I should have let go. But I won't. Call it pettiness or whatever you will, but the story of the rise to low-level stardom of one Jessica Cutler sets my nerves on fire.

A five page article in the Washington Post yesterday details Cutler's rise from obscure whore to Playboy poser and six-figure author. The author tries to make the article appear to be a bit more than a fluff piece propping up yet another famous slut by interspersing the Tales of Jessica with studied quotes on moral relativism and the sexual mores of our younger generation. But it's hard to read this piece as any kind of morality tale when there are sentences like this:

Jessica tottered down the Russell Building's marble hallways atop the cute, nude-colored sandals that she liked to think made her legs look longer and sexier.

It's a Jackie Collins novel come to life.

The article goes on to detail Jessica's sexcapades and offers up justifications for her taking money for sex. It's a sordid story and I can't for the life of me figure out not only why Cutler seems proud of her tale, but why she's being feted by the media as if she were the spokesmodel for today's woman. Good god, let's hope it's not that.

Reading the rest of the story, I came away with a worse opinion of Cutler than I already had. She's a shallow, vain, self-centered woman who is going to crash and burn at a very early age, book contract and Playboy money notwithstanding.

I don't wish that on her. I'm sure it can't be good for one's self esteem when you look in the mirror at 30 years old and realize that everything you've done for the past few years has led you down the road to psuedo-celebrity hell. "I was a Trivial Pursuit Question" isn't something you want to add to your resume. Unless, of course, you're trying out for a gig on The Surreal Life.

Wait for it.

"I was only blogging for, what, less than two weeks?" she says. "Some people with blogs are never going to get famous, and they've been doing it for, like, over a year. I feel bad for them."

Note to Jessica: There's famous and there's infamous. Guess which you are.

And honestly, most of us don't want to be famous, per se. Sure, I'd love to get that six figure book deal, but I'm not gonna bang dirty old men to take the fast track to fame.

And therein lies most of the problem. What do young girls think when they hear the story of Jessica Cutler? Were they to read this WaPo article, they would see a woman who has slept with men in exchange for expensive meals and cash. They'll see her described as a fashionable, hip chick with all the right clothes, all the right connections, living the party life with no regret. It's no different than Paris Hilton, to an extent. A B-list celebrity cavorting in the spotlight, most often seen half naked in front of night clubs or fully naked in a home video. How does the media react to Hilton's sexual exploits? They give her a hosting spot on the Teen Choice Awards. It's soft-core porn, mass media style.

I'm not a huge moralist and I don't think there is no place for sex - or sexuality - in our society. But there is a big difference between promoting sexuality and promoting sex.

Perhaps my moral standards have changed as my kids got older. I see this blitz of breasts on even network television every day and it saddens me to think that my daughter is growing up in a media-crazed society that rewards most the women - and girls - who show the most. Maybe I've become a bit of a prude in my old age, but I cringe when I see women parading around in next to nothing because I know that teenage girls are impressionable and will emulate these women. What does a girl want, anyhow? Fame, fortune, Hollywood nights and hunky celebrities/rock stars dangling from their arms. No matter how
"good" your teenage daughter is, it's a safe bet that these are the things she's daydreaming about as she stares out the window. Now, thanks to women like Jessica Cutler, the media that gives play to them and the people that open the doors to their virtual pink Cadillacs to pimp them, our daughters can further see how being a vapid, self-centered, materialistic whore can get you five pages in a major newspaper, a spread in Playboy, a book deal and a chance at fifteen minutes of fame.

[photo and WaPo link from OTB]


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I agree this slut should not be getting all the press she is getting.
Why don't you do what I do - ignore the heck out of her.
She is not worth the energy expended to link to stories about her.

You don't feel this way about her because you are a mom - it's because you are a good person.

Yeah. Plus, she's fug. You're much cuter, Michele.

There's always the fact that you're famous for doing something cool (writing, running command post, helping needy folks) and she's famous for getting railed.

You win :)

I wouldn't mind being famous...will probably end up being infamous though.

It's not about me winning. The bottom line is, if people like Cutler are the new celebrity, society loses.

Then we lost a long time ago. She's nothing new, just the flavor of the month. Game's been on for decades.

Save the spare blood pressure points, M.

Is a cheap tramp whose major marketting points will be gone in a couple of years once gravity takes over, who may rate being a trivial pursuit question that nobody will ever get right, if she's really, really lucky, worth anything more than pity? Nah.

She took it up the wazoo for $400 and a couple of months of being on the 'A' list. When she's 35, and no one is calling, because she's a little too hard worn around the edges, and doesn't have anything except her talent for wearing her ankles as earrings, and has long past the point where that trick is appealing to anyone except someone with half a bottle of cheap scotch in them...well, that period of her life will probably last a lot longer than her current noteriety.

A follow-up 15 years from now, a 'whatever happened to' with her as a passing footnote, will most probably serve as an excellent and much better role model for young people, girls in particular. That may turn out to be her redeeming value to society - a 'don't be this kind of stupid' poster girl, of sorts. A little digging will turn up plenty of other examples that have already reached that stage, but who were accorded similar, although possibly not as flagrantly promoted, status in their heydays.

Hilton can fade to obscurity and rely on family largesse to get by. Cutler's got jack, and she's spending it like she stole it. The bill will come due, in time. And in a piece of local relevance, that will probably happen in time for one mother to point that out to her daughter, before that daughter gets to an age where consideration of such a path is seriously contemplated, the downside to climbing the ladder on one's back.

Not for nothing she was a cheap hoe who got very lucky and max out her "talent" hopefully she will take what money she got and use it wisely/.

why isn't anyone condemning the men (some of them married) who slept with her and gave her money? it goes both ways.

i've honestly never heard of this person. am i living under a rock, or is she just a tiny blip on the radar?


Amen. Let me say that while the press coverage of this skank has angered me, it has been NOTHING compared to the outright lovefest the press has over the child-rapist Mary Kay Laterneau (or however you spell it). Here is a woman who raped a 12 year old kid, and when she gets out of prison the only thing the press worries about is if they are going to reunite and spend the rest of their lives together, as if it were just some typical love story.

Dammit, now I am going to remain angry for the rest of the day....sigh.

P.S. - anyone want to make odds on this "book" actually being written by Cutler?

Just another example of how out of step with America the MSM is.

I really don't know this female either, even as I know the bare bones of "her truth," but the first thing that stood out for me reading the first page of the article was the tone of cynicism.

And cynicism is the hallmark of the beautiful people who consider themselves the elite, the ones that don't understand, don't want to understand, the ethos of anyone that lives outside the culture of the hip urban sex as spectator sport, children as resume enhancers, celebrity echo-chamber. Victor Davis Hanson nails this attitude.
the Left hates George W. Bush for who he is rather than what he does. Southern conservatism, evangelical Christianity, a black-and-white worldview, and a wealthy man's disdain for elite culture — none by itself earns hatred, of course, but each is a force multiplier of the other and so helps explain the evolution of disagreement into pathological venom. September 11 cooled the furor of these aristocratic critics, but Iraq re-ignited it. Not voting for George Bush is, of course understandable and millions in fact will do precisely that. But for those haters who demonize the man, their knee-jerk disgust tells us far more about their own shallow characters than it does anything about our wartime president.
And look how the WaPo author writes sympathetically of her heroine:
Jessica tried opening and sorting mail. That's what she was paid to do as a staff assistant for Sen. Mike DeWine, a Republican from Ohio. She liked to joke that her job was really to throw out the mail, the stacks of letters from earnest voters who believe members of Congress actually care what they think. Too jittery to work, Jessica dumped her stack of unopened mail on the two new interns in her office. She figured they'd still be filled with youthful enthusiasm for serving their government, seeing as how it was only their second day on the job.

Get it? All us hip insiders know its all a big joke on the rubes in the sticks. And damnation, we'll just go after anyone that doesn't play by the insider playbook.

As the apropos saying about cynicism goes, and certainly applies to this female (I don't want to call her "woman" because that implies a certain level of responsible self-awareness she obviously doesn't possess):
A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Michele -

You're no more of a prude than I am, and it is not prudish to expect the media to have higher standards as to who they fawn over and why. Any media outlet that writes crap like this in the guise of reporting, or even features, in order to bring in ad revenue is doing nothing more or less than whoring itself, like Cutler herself. Pot, meet Kettle.

The truly disgusting thing about this is, as you note, the coarsening of the culture. Libertarians and other soft-porn fans like to say "what about the parents, it's their job to police this", and that is indeed a valid point, but why should parents have to fight this b.s. at every turn?

At some point the popular media becomes part of the culture instead of merely reflecting it; at that point, parents are fighting uphill all the way. And for what? So we can get our jollies in more places than before? Oh YAY!!

I won't feel bad at all when Jess finally crashes and burns. Much like Courtney Love, I'll welcome it. She deserves to crash and burn, end of story. Just a shame she got paid six figures for it.

I still say that Wonkette ghost wrote the whole Washingtonienne blog and had Jess be the (fugly) face of the author. Which is odd. Because as ugly as Wonkette is, Jess is even uglier.

Myself, I'm waiting for the 'private' video to get 'accidentally' released.

And Jeff, what's with this soft-core stuff? That's for you Republicans -- back here in the moonbat cave we like our smut raunchy and raw. Hell, they invented the Internet for it.

Private video, eh? Jessica's All Anal Gang Bang? In which we find out that Cutler isn't actually a woman, but a shemale? And Wonkette as her pimp beating her with a red hot wire clotheshanger? ;-)

Okay, I'll shut up before I become even more grossed out.

You're adding nothing of value to the discussion and I'm going to have to edit y our comments to limit disgusting google searches.

I hadn't actually read the article when I posted above, and now that I have, WOW, is that depressing. What a vast moral wasteland in that young lady's head. She's all surprised that after acting like a slut, she gets treated like one by the SIX different guys she was doing and writing about. What are the odds?!

The article is, however, more balanced than I was willing to give it credit for above. And is it just me or is the article also poking serious fun at her - notice all the "likes" in her quotes, which make her sound like a 16 year old gum snapper? I got the impression that the author was giving her enough rope to hang herself with her own quotes ..... so I probably spoke out of turn with my criticism above about the Post. It pays to read the stuff first .... duh.

Out of defference to my sanity, I have largely avoided the "two Americas" meme.

That said, there are two Americas:

One for whom Jess C. represents well, a reverse everywoman...she wants to make it--whatever it is--and so,not having much else to put out there, she chronicles her sex life. Which is, in the end, all that she she has--the willingness to diary in detail all the sex she has had.

Wonkette, being no renata Adler, or Oriana fallaci, or Florence King, simply writes about what a desperate young woman already wrote about. it's a living. with about 5 cabernets in her, I wonder what she thinks of when she looks at her life--writing about other people's blow jobs for an inside the beltway audience that hasn't had one in a while.

The other one is where people like Michelle, Darleen and Catherine live, and I raise my family, and a lot of you live too.

We laugh about sex, fret about it, want it and miss it, but somehow manage to earn a living and make a way with out needing--and please understand the Wonkette/Jessica Cutler act is about need and nothing more--to plaster the web with our pixelated urges.

The difference bewtween the two Americas here is the difference between girls and women and men and boys.

Michelle and a lot of posters here have something to trade for in the economy beyond anal sex jokes and electronic sex diaries.

why isn't anyone condemning the men

Because they aren't posing for Playboy or authoring books?

I guess I also live under a rock because I wasn't aware of this woman and what she was doing.

And frankly, she doesn't matter that much to me. I honestly think she's the one who deserves pity - what is she doing that is of lasting value, what is she doing to try to make the world a better place? Where will she be in ten years? Even if she becomes some old man's trophy wife, somehow I don't think she will be as important to that man as a caring mother would be to her children, or a good teacher to his students, or even a waiter who gives a damn and works hard for his regular customers.

I've come to the conclusion that, more and more, "fame" is nothing more than "notoriety" - you're not recognized for the talent you have, you're recognized for how scandalously you can behave. And that is kind of sad - to think that there are people who spend a great deal of time (think concert pianist) perfecting a skill, and their stories are of less interest than some cheap skank who drops her panties at the drop of a hat.

I've decided that I'd much rather have the esteem of a few people whose opinions I respect and value, rather than to be recognized by thousands or millions who have never met me. I'd rather be remembered as someone who had a moral code and standards and stuck to them, who treated others with respect, and who got ahead by brains, talent, and hard work rather than by willingness to put out. And if that means that only one person remembers who I was after I've died, so be it.

I'd rather be remembered for what I did, rather than who I did.

why isn't anyone condemning the men

Because they aren't posing for Playboy or authoring books?

i'm certainly not condoning cutler - she's gross - but there were many men who apparently gave her money for sex or cheated on their wives with her. because they're not trying to become famous off of it means they shouldn't receive any condemnation? would you not find cutler as despicable if she hadn't done playboy/gotten a book deal? would her actions have been fine with you if she hadn't played them into a way to get money and infamy out of it? i dunno.

I'm afraid I'd have to disagree with you about those two Americas there, Rod. There is only one America, and it cannot make up its mind what it really thinks about sex.

"But there is a big difference between promoting sexuality and promoting sex."

I keep coming back to this blog because Michele is so good at cutting to the quick of matters in a single phrase.

It seems to me that there is really no difference between these two things. The illusion that there somehow is such a difference is exactly what sticks in the American gears about the matter. Insofar as sex is personal entertainment, some of us like it trashy and nasty, some of us like it sophisticated and refined.

Well, I like it refined too, and Jessica Cutler offends my taste. So there.

But that is merely a matter of taste, not of morals. The true moral issue is, if sex is not just a matter of personal entertainment, what is it? And what is it good for?

But, as I'm sure Michele would point out, that leaves unanswered the question:

"What does a [teenaged] girl want, anyhow?"

In a nutshell, to be happy. And there is no question that the sole images of happiness offered by the media are merely those of hedonistic pleasure, whether trashy or refined. It must necessarily be so, I think, since you cannot show more that the outside trapping of comfort and pleasure on a TV screen.

Teens have no judgement matured by experience to reject this definition of happiness, and, if they develop the taste for the trashy, are likely to do some unseemly things, and develop in difficult ways. Since we usually have no pat answer to this question of how to truly be happy, we are at a disadvantage in shaping the taste of our children in these matters.

And we are equally at a disadvantage in shaping our own taste as well.

I think, personally, that, if we have children, all we can do is be as honest as possible about our own dilemmas of happiness. And make the case as strongly and openly as we can for discrimination and refinement of taste.

Because I don't think we are any closer to answering the true moral question than we have ever been.

Slightly off-topic, but I liked this bit from the article:

From first grade through junior high, Jessica spent one day each week in a special program for gifted and talented children. Jessica and some of her schoolmates describe the program as pure free-to-be-you-and-me fun: Nobody graded them; nobody gave them homework; nobody cared if they finished anything.


Jessica finds it curious that she and several of her gifted classmates became underemployed slackers with attitudes.

Um, yeah, couldn't see that one coming.

"What do young girls think when they hear the story of Jessica Cutler?" ...
Well, if they're at all observant, they'll realize that whoredom does not pay in the long run, and they'll live moral lives.

Frankly, I see this as great karma, coming back quickly, so you don't have to wait too long to put 2 and 2 together.

What am I missing?

I honestly just don't get why people fuss over Cutler - she got paid to have anal sex with men, so what? So do a lot of women. Society has a name for those people, they're called prostitutes and/or whores. The sad thing, as Michele has already pointed out, is that now we celebrate whorish behavior and prostitution, when before we understood that these things debase not just the women and men who engage in the activity but the society that tolerates it.

Isn't this just a lesson in learning from a bad example? With the proper direction, can't a young woman learn that this is what mass media thinks of them? Isn't this an opportunity for them see the results of whoring themselves out (both short and long-term.) This isn't a tragedy people, it's an opportunity. An oppotunity to expose those that (to borrow you phrase, michele,) would promote sex over sexuality. Without glaring public examples like this, how will a young girl ever know that there are many people out there, that would gladly use her?

"..I'm not a huge moralist"

But you are...

"..I'm not a huge moralist"

"But you are..."

Is that a fat joke?

I really should start blogging about my sexcapades.

She'll have her fifteen minutes of fame and the media spotlight will move on to the next sensation. Then the downward spiral begins.

I'm with you (many of you), that people even give a damn about this at all is just depressing.

Anger is the engine behind great writing. How many months ago was this Jessica Cutler thing? It took me quite a few minutes for me to jog my memory to know what you were talking about. I've blogged about it, like ages ago...interesting to see someone still on the ball--with an angry streak. Just curious, but do you dislike Ana Marie Cox because of her looks and assumption that shes ditzy because she's a blonde, or is it because of her quality of her writing content, or both? There are many fish in the blogosphere who all they blog about is their sex lives, like 'Porn Star Chronicles' of Journalspace. Why not attack them once in a while instead of targeting one well known? You could start a blog called 'The W**** target shooting range' or some other crazy title and have fun with it...keep on blogging, -Nonditzy and brunette but young

"i'm certainly not condoning cutler - she's gross - but there were many men who apparently gave her money for sex or cheated on their wives with her."

Says who? All we have is the word of a presumed slut. This could all be a fabrication designed to sell books and magazines. How did this slag even get a job at a Republican office if she is so stupid and ordinary? Sounds like a plant to me.

Looking at my tax bill it's clear I've been getting screwed by Congressman for a long time...and apparently paying for it.

Wonder if I can work a 6 figure deal out of it?

I, too, was OUTRAGED to see her on the cover of the magazine this weekend. The media is celebrating her, and it's really sad. It was bizarre that she "feels sorry" for people who blog and are not famous.... she will have a hard time in life getting by. Look at Monica Lewinksky. After her book deal and tv interviews do you think she dates or is taken seriously anywhere? Ignorance is bliss....

I feel sorry for Jessica.

The article was pathetic and utterly unnecessary, a complete waste of space. Contrary to some suggestions, I don’t think the author was being subtlety critical. She hosted a “Live Online” chat on the Washington Post’s web site yesterday. I submitted two questions that were questioning of not only the need for the article but also, after the chat started, the author’s overtly exhibited defensiveness of Ms. Cutler’s conduct. Suffice to say, they were not considered and in fact most of the comments and questions were supportive of the author and Ms. Cutler's behavior. The entire session was nauseating.

Dusty: “What does that mean? Infamous?”
Ned: “Ah, Dusty! Infamous is when you're more than famous! This guy El Guapo is not just famous, he's IN-famous!”

-Book deal
-Appear on Howard Stern
-Do some "B" movies
-Found dead in a New Orleans Hotel

It always ends the same

If it makes you feel any better, you know what the media loves to do to any celebrity they build up like this? Yep, they love to tear them down. Just wait. It'll happen.


Redbull: I hope you're right about that. This one needs her comeuppance.

VerukaSalt: Your comment was reminiscent of a short story I read yesterday. You can check it out at

All this media hype has blinded her to how sad and pathetic she really is.

I wonder what kind of society we live in where the story of a homely skank deserves the front cover of the Post magazine. There was another story in that issue, the one about the selfless young man who drowned trying to rescue his friend from the rushing waters of the Potomac river. For some reason, Jessica Slutler's story was somehow more important to the editors of this rag and therefore deserving of the cover. How disgusting a commentary on our society.

Catherine said why isn't anyone condemning the men (some of them married) who slept with her and gave her money? it goes both ways.

Assuming that Washingtonienne is telling the truth, I'll be happy to condemn the males who paid for her "service". I think they are emotionally stunted sleazeballs with a power fetish. If I knew their faces and saw them on the street, I would steer clear, probably sneering at them on the way by. I hope they all contracted very painful social diseases, except for the ones who were married, in which case I hope they lost everything in the divorce.

When Washingtonienne saw them on the street, she should have sneered at them too. What a pity she didn't.

No worries, Michele. Cutler disgusts enough young women that her acolytes should be properly drowned out.

I think the worst part is that between her and Monica Lewinsky, interns (especially Washington interns, on the Hill or otherwise) have gotten a seriously rotten reputation.

Everyone in the story is accountable, Cutler, the men, but most of all, the Washington Post is dreadful. "The Post" is not just some individual little blogger, some student op-ed in a little college town newspaper, it is an entire editor and media staff of a national newspaper. And for this sleazy pro-Cutler story to get approval and be printed big time by such a media body, really, how yellow the Post got on this one. But then, given how brazenly pro-homosexual and pro-gay marriage they are, it´s very much what they are nowadays.

I'd hit it.