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Hopelessly Addicted



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Dunno if you've been keeping up with Command Post, but your new guy (Franco aleman) has a fantastic news photo.


It deserves more attention.

Still no typekey account and this is TCPs top post "I presume itís going to take a day or so for something local to be established Ö"

Something local has been established. You can get all the donation information you need from here TBO.com Donations page for Charley victims

For future reference, TBO is the best local news info for pretty much the whole western part of the state of FLA.

Wow, thanks! I just found another thing I'm not good at!

Michele, you suck. I have enough trouble getting to bed as it is.

If you like Weboggle here is a site for you: pixelsharp.com. This is the best version of online Boggle (Joggle in this case) out there.
I've played there for quite a while, but it comes with a warning: many, many moonbats are on board and vocal...there is a forum that will kill your joy of the game if you let them, heh heh. I had to decide to just play and not feed the freaks.

I seriously hate you. Very much.

me too

Admit it, Prof. You hate me for other reaons.

[insert smiley face here]