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Karl Rove's Magical Weather Machine

Jesuschristonapogostick, people. Here's a napkin. Go wipe the foam from your mouth. [DU link has been fixed]


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your DU link is broke..a misspelling (it says "democraticunerground")

good lord... they have never given up the "plastic turkey" schtick! And someone is wondering how Castro's Cuba is faring ...

DUers don't even live in our galaxy.

Is the DU link broken?

Wonderful people.

Timing. The timing seems ... convenient.

So, is the typo in the DU link just an innocent mistake, yet another crushing of dissent?

DU and Free Republic both make good reading sometimes. They make a good litmus test, too. People who hate one but think the other is not so bad are almost always partisans. If you switch the names around you could probably post some of the same articles on both sites.


I don't hang at FreeRep because I find them almost as bizzare as DU, though usually not the hate-America-Americans-Israel stuff that is the breadnbutter of DU.

But make no mistake... I admit I'm partisan. My basic values find a better home on the contemporary conversative side of the aisle. I can articulate my belief structure, too. Something you find missing from many lefties, because being "left" is to come from "feelings" not "thinking."


There's nothing wrong with a dose of partisanship. I certainly am not immune. But there are plenty who place partisanship above all else, and that rarely leads to anything productive.

Your criticism of the left is the same thing I often hear from the left about the right. IMO, the number of people on either side who can articulate their belief structure is smaller than it should be.

People on the left tend to pick the worst examples of those on the right and hold them up as representatives of the entire right, while people on the right tend to do the same thing to those on the left. IMO, the stereotype of a “feeling” rather than a “thinking” left is a fine example of a caricature.

Sorry for taking the comments on a turn away from Bush's planned hurricane. ;) (yes, that was a joke.)

Such people cannot possibly form a governing coalition, can they?

Can they?

It was a plastic hurricane!

All of those moonbats are welcome to come and relive the last 20 hours of my life. Having no air conditioning in Florida in August is brutal.

No doubt Bushitler will score political points from the disaster. Thank goodness the great and saintly Bill Clinton never did anything like that.

What, no DU allegations that Bush - working through the NSA - engineered the hurricanes to boost voter approval for both him and his brother?

Sheesh. The Moonbats are slacking off.

And in other news. Shoppers in Massachusetts, New York, and California are having difficulty in finding boxes of aluminum foil in most area grocery stores. Economists can not agree on a single reason why demand has increase over the past week, except they all agree that it is President Bush's fault.

Obviously, George Bush, with the help of his Eville Brother Jeb, conspired to remove all the stores of D batteries from the shelves down here, making it impossible for anyone to listen to their Outkast cds during the hurricane.

Second time I ever browsed D.U. I could almost FEEL my i.q. lowering. There are some certifiable people over there.

Well, yeah, the President will order a rapid response to CHARLIE. Hell, FEMA was pre-positioning response teams before it came onto land.

This has been the standard procedure for FEMA since Clinton's first days in office, with or without an election year at hand. Admittedly, the Andrew response was not without problems in starting up, but when it hit full speed, there were few complaints from Florida. (Note: I was in Florida as part of the Andrew recovery operation.)

The issue is not buying votes, the issue is to keep the economy from tanking after a disaster. Which it will unless the infrastructure is up and running in short order. Like days.

No economy means problems, something that even the self-made idiots at DU should understand. Or do I give them too much credit?

Re Andrea-Don't you understand that the lack of D batteris is but the first step of the Bush-Halliburton-Neo-Con disenfranchisement plan.....


Wow... Karl Rove has mind beams, the Israelis have mind seeds.

And we all know those wiley Neocons and Zionists share technology. How long before our tinfoil hats won't be useful? How do we protect against the dreaded mind seeds? Must. Think. Of some sort of brain preemergent....


I regret having to point out an error in your post.

"napkin" is the wrong product. A diaper is the right one. Whether it's spouting from their mouths or their asses. For these moonbats, these are interchangeable orfices.

I need to go to these sites, but I also need to wash my eyes with Drano afterwards. And take serious blood pressure medicine. And make sure my guns are safely locked away.

now watch this drive...

Darleen, that link of yours (to Israeli "mind seeds" on Indymedia) is way out there. Please give us some warning before you link to something like that again. All I can say is "Wow," even with my highly twisted imagination I would not have thought of stuff like that.

dont you sheaple know this so-called "huricane" was faked by neocons to destract from teh Vietraq cwagmire!!!!???

"Karl Rove's Magical Weather Machine"

Isn't that one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's earlier works? Or was it one of Neil Diamond's songs from the late sixties? Whatever it is, you can tell it's really groovy.

Bushler's gang at work again. The Weather Bureau somehow "errs" in its prediction of Charley's track and thousands of unprepared Floridian retirees are either killed or made homeless. Now they'll be dependent on Republican handouts to survive, the big pay off will come in November. Coincidence? Wait until a hurricane hits Massachusetts.

DU rant mode

Actually, the moonbats are right -- but we had some trouble in the White House when Dr. Rice insisted the hurricane be named 'Condoleezza.'

Obviously that was a dealbreaker since the genders of the names are supposed to alternate. But couldn't they at least have named it after me?

"DU and Free Republic....If you switch the names around you could probably post some of the same articles on both sites."

No kidding....that used to be my MO. I would just switch around some names. Of course I would eventually get caught at which point there would be much gnashing of the teeth.

I loved the comment about if the building codes were better in FL less damage would have occured, but of course, that wasn't the case so that the developers could, GASP, make a bigger profit.

I saw that pentagon flash video. That was no plane. I know it was the UFO from roswell, hooked up to an airliner or something. I think I saw Bush flying it. The weather was certainly nice that day. That seems....convenient.