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Hurricane Charley has left a trail of destruction in Florida and is doing more of the same in the Carolinas. We've been covering it over at Command Post and I'm just devestated by the stories I'm reading. The phrase I keep hearing is significant loss of life. While it would seem the states hit hard were prepared for Charley, what they weren't prepared for - and what no one can precisely predict - was the hurricane's sudden turn, which took it directly into the area where people who were evacuated had headed for safety. We've got a whole bunch of stories over at TCP, and we're tracking the radar to see where Charley is headed next. What we've also got is ways to help. Right now there are two posts up detailing ways to make donations, and soon we are going to attempt to coordinated blog effort to get much needed donations to the devastated areas. Stay tuned, and for those in the path of Charley, stay safe.


It's looking so much more serious for the outer banks now...

DH and son were going off to the beach for a week starting Saturday. They left a day early yesterday to miss the heavy weather HERE..

We were expecting the heavy weather to track differently - the reports were showing Nags head essentially spared.

A hurricane named 'Charley' while the blogosphere is awash in Kerry's Vietnam story ....

yeah, call me "Oliver Willis" but something just isn't right with that.

"Charley" ... not 'Charles', not 'Chuck', not "Chaz', but "Charlie" ... just have the forecaster put on a pair of black pajamas while you're at it.

The National Hurricane Center is so in the bag for Bush ...


I said it was going to go straight up I-4. I got that from just looking at the predicted track. I couldn't figure out why anyone would go to another beach in Florida to get away from a hurricane. But I don't make these decisions.

By the way, the hurricane didn't turn that much. Everyone knows (or they should) that you can't trust these things, and that forecasts can only predict probabilities, not certainties, and that the authorities are only human. The entire west coast from the Keys to the Panhandle was under a hurricane warning -- that meant "get out" at least to anyone in a mobile home or a flood area. The same thing happened during Hurricane Andrew: they were pretty sure it was going to hit South Florida, but it's a big area -- yet everyone was expecting Miami Beach to get pasted, not the southern parts of the county.

I'm looking forward to the stories of foreign disaster aid.

After all, whenever there's a disaster outside the US, both the US govt and private citizens are soon on the scene helping with recovery.

So, surely they're on their way to help Americans, right?

I'm ambivelent about Charley. While it sucks that part of Florida got trashed, and some people didn't make it, I have good reason to suspect that's exactly where my least favorite ex is living.

Really crass to think of it in terms of a one in 11 chance (two victims already described as an elderly retired couple), I suppose.