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Please Hold

Busy posting on the goings on in Najaf over at Command Post. Working hard so you can have all your news in one place. In other random, off-topic musings, I hate Nickelback with an absurd passion.


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While I don't have the venomous hatred for them that I have for say, Led Zeppelin or Limp Bizkit, they strike out for sheer blandness. I took Roadrunner's signing of Nickelback as indication that the label was headed downhill. :S

Anne, when RR signed Nickelback is when my husband stopped working for them. He saw the downward spiral coming.

Good call on his part. Especially since there are so many other labels (Victory Records, Nuclear Blast, Century Media) that have excellent bands.

Victory was weird there for a while, I think they were strictly Straight Edge. They've picked up some great bands recently, including Taking Back Sunday.

Hmm..whatever happened to VOD? They were on Victory last I heard. Which, granted, was a while ago.

I like Led Zepp, a lot. Oh, and I like the new rock em sock em banner btw.

Victory's also signed Atreyu. I didn't think I'd like a new American metal band, so I was pleasantly surprised.

As for VOD, they were on RR for a while, and then TVT. Another one of your readers may have more current information than I have, I'm sure!

ah nickelback... the band we all love to hate. I had to buy the most recent ( i guess?) album because the band chose to do a song off it ("Figured you out"). and all i have to say is this- they know like 5 chords, and a couple of different ways to arrange them. Their lyrics aren't bad, not particularly cliche or trite. But the songs are so goddamn catchy.. and that can be good or bad... that some of them are just rabid earworms.

The other problem with them is that once you've heard one of their songs, you've heard the entire range of the singer.

how they got signed.. just irks the shit out of me. Some big-name band was playing, i think in Portland, and their opening act bowed out for some reason, and Nickelback got called to do the gig, and then got signed. the fuckers.

I don't know...I'm thinking these are the worst song lyrics ever:

I like your pants around your feet
And I like the dirt that's on your knees
And I like the way you still say please
While you're looking up at me
You're like my favourite damn disease

I get embarassed if my kids are in the car and that song comes on the radio. I also break out in hives.

Those lyrics are creepy. Pril's right; their singer has a limited vocal range.

Speaking of the words to songs, the only thing I like about Led Zeppelin is how some of the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven" are easily misheard: "And there's a wino down the road/I should've stolen Oreos." Quite an improvement over the actual words. :D

I can never think of anything other than Tony Soprano and Valentina when I hear that song ('figured you out', that is)

But really, it's just Karma, biting your ass for when your parents where in the car and "My Sugar Walls" came on the radio.

(Don't hate Nickelback yet, but have a fair certainty that I will in another few months.)

We've all heard the "How You Remind Me of Someday" remix, yes? It's one Nickelback song in the left channel and one in the right, mixed together. (Don't ask me for names. It's the one and then the other one, not the one about the crack whore or the one from Spider-Man. Best I can do.) Two complete tracks, vocals and music and everything, squooshed together, probably with a few cuts to make them sync up.

I like that remix much, MUCH more than I've ever liked any Nickelback song.

I guess I should probably mention that the "How You Remind Me of Someday" thing made the rounds on the Internet months and months ago. If you can't find a copy, I have an MP3 that I'll be happy to share. Drop me an email.

oh tehre's another song on the album that they could cram into the how you remind me somday mix. and its right before... someday. Same chords, same progression, same crummy singing.

I didnt say the lyrics were great, just that they weren't completely lame- and that would be in comparison to like, 80% of the rest of the music on the radio. Dont even get me started on that retarded Trapt song...

and hey if other local cover bands are doing the uneblievably awful "She hates me" (by a band just as bad, if not worse), no reason we cant drop NBs only decent song on them. mehehe. i mean half the population of women where i live are dopewhores anyway. Just our way of tipping our hat to them. mehehe.

boik.. michele... you think those are creepy but... do you play any toadies in the car? just wondering... i mean... pressed against the sky and all...

I used to hate radio, Then God created XM.

Last good band that RR had was Black Train Jack.

Victory I always think of as a sXe, youth-crew label.

I had just tuned into a radio station and caught the over played and vomit inducing song by Nickelback....It literally makes me want to puke. Who the hell do they think they are impressing with that crap? The only thing that saves me from being offended by their lyrics is the pure fact their so friggin crap....I hope they all die of goneria and rot in hell...

God I hate 'em too. I am soooo happy to see there are others who support my views. I even dedicated a links list to pages such as yours that feature anti NB stuff.
You know, they aren't the only ones that suck. This whole new glam rock movement, what I am tentatively calling "Anthem Glory Rock" (You know, Saliva, the former Creed, the new Creed aka Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamins, etc.)
Well, "new" may not be appropriate, but it certainly is the glam rock of the new millenium.