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* Val presents his second annual Blog Cuba today, which is a series of posts from bloggers about, yes, Cuba. There's some good reading there and I owe Val an apology for not being able to get my post finished in time. Val swore that if I didn't get him a post in time, he would cast some evil spell on Derek Jeter. So if Jeter should get injured today, you know who to blame. No, not me. Val. * Kathy at Cake Eater Chronicles announces that James's Jaywalkers have reached (and exceeded) their donation goal of $3,000. Thanks to all my readers who went over and donated yesterday. * Kevin has been working on making a site for the RNC bloggers. I've added a page to my own site here, which has the RNC bloggers blogroll. I'll be adding links to any of my convention related posts there, as well as any other RNC related info. I think I'm more excited about meeting all those other bloggers than I am about the convention itself. * Gratuitous link to an excellent blog. * On a personal note, I'm going to see a highly anticipated (by me) movie tonight. No, it's not Alien v. Predator. I'll let you figure it out. And I am not ashamed. Not one bit. * I'd like to take a moment to thank Laurence for a Very Special Package he sent me the other day. In addition to my lovely Don't Mess With Texas coffee mug, he included some other goodies that will be used here at some point in the next day or two. Thanks, Lair.


Princess Diaries 2?

Oh no! You're not a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, are you?

Gasp! There's a Yu-Gi-Oh movie otu??


Skillzy wins, anyhow.

Anne Hatthaway is smoking hot, though I'm pretty sure that's not why you'd be going.

No, Kevin, I'm not taking four days off of work and leaving my kids for four days so I can ogle the beautiful people.

The funniest site of the day:


At least your not spending the evening stuck to the couch:


Yes, it should have been "you're".

I win! YAY ME! I knew having a daughter would come in handy one day.

Laurence sent you goodies?

Wads of cat fur?

Heh, I was afraid it was going to be Ted Rall's head.

Please report back on AVP. The first two Alien movies are in my personal top 10, but I have a sneaking suspicion AVP will suck worse than anything that has ever sucked before (and if the level of suckitude achieved by "Ressurection" is any measure, that's a lot of sucking)...

Oh. "It's NOT Alien vs. Predator."

Reading is fundamental...

Eh, I'll probably see that as well.

So that lady didn't even get up from the couch to use the bathroom? No wonder the place stunk so badly. Truth is stranger than fiction, anyday.

Oh, damn. I thought for sure it would be "Thunderbirds"