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Holiday in Cambodia

hic.jpg It's time to taste what you most fear Right Left Guard will not help you here Brace yourself, my dear It's a holiday in Cambodia It's tough kid, but it's life It's a holiday in Cambodia Don't forget to pack a wife Update: Further holiday reading: Island of Misfit Toys. See, also: All I Want For Christmas: A John Kerry Adventure
[apologies to Jello, who would probably sue me for this] * For the punk-rock challenged, here. And here.


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This looks rather bad for Kerry.

Nice poster, though, michele.

First thing that popped into my head when I saw "Christmas in Cambodia" headlines but never thought of 'shopping it.
I pulled that line out too, since it fit so damn well, even without the rewrite. I drew the line at the "wife" bit ...which was hard to do. Glad you didn't succumb.
And you're right, Jello is gonna be pissed when he catches wind of this, especially after losing the court case

Yea, but the likelihood of Jello being aware of this lies between nil and none.

And don't worry about being sued: parody is protected by the First Amendment. See Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, 510 U.S. 569 (1994) (in which Roy Orbison loses to 2LiveCrew over "Pretty Woman").

Can we just elect John McCain. Majority on both sides of the isle would choice him over Bush or Kerry.

Ah, you should check out the Laaz Rockit version of "Holiday in Cambodia" from their Annihilation Principle disc. I have it around here somewhere...

We broke the story at Kerry Haters way back on May 21. Any chance we could get a lyrical link?

Drew, we might have had a chance to choose John McCain if Bush's friends had not done the same thing to McCain in South Carolina. Manchurian Candidate? "Black baby"?

Oh c'mon, michele, that bitter old fool probably has nothing better to do than surf the web when he's not doing readings of his crappy prose rants.

I don;t think you have any thinbg tom fear from Jello Biafra, he hates both Democrats and Republicans.

I do love the Dead Kennedys though. they are funny.

Jello currently hates the Dead Kennedys. They actually toured without him, but kept his photo in the band picture for all the promotional stuff.

If that doesn't tell you that punk is dead, nothing will. But of course, punk can never die! I have D.I.'s "Man Bites, Horse Cries" on cd (not a bootleg), so the world remains a happy place.

Dirty tricks or no, McCain lost in SC in large part because Bush was in favor of a big tax cut and conservative judges, while McCain was opposed to the former and indifferent to the latter. McCain just didn't do enough to sell himself either as an economic or a social conservative, and didn't offer a compelling difference of opinion on national security issues (which weren't that big in 2000).

Hey, I voted for McCain myself, and I still like the guy. But he had a lot of problems caused by running away from his (pre-2000) conservative record in a Republican primary.


Biafra may not like Dems, but he does appear on the "Rock Against Bush" albums, if memory serves.

You got me confused with Stix.

what to say to a republican who is so wily that they see it fit to quote jello biafra?


the Laaz Rocket cover does indeed rock ass, iirc.

Speaking of ancient punk bands, I saw Stiff Little Fingers play last night, and they were great as usual. Even better, though, was opening band Throw Rag. See them at all costs!

I saw Throw Rag open for Flogging Molly at the HOB. They are awesome!

Dave J, I agree that Michele shouldn't worry too much about being sued, but only because Jello probably doesn't read ASV, and in any event is too busy suing everyone else to have time for her. It's not at all clear, however, that this "parody" would survive a challenge if he did.

If Jello (the "singer," not the gelatine manufacturers) were to sue Michele, a court would likely rule that her work is a work of satire, not a parody. The distinction is important: parodies mock the work itself, so it is unrealistic to expect the parodist to obtain permission from the author. Satire, by contrast, mocks something else, so copying for this purpose may not get that special treatment. Here, the joke is clearly on Kerry, not on Biafra, the Dead Kennedys, or the song itself. If he sued her in the Ninth Circuit, he'd probably win, just as Dr. Seuss Enterprises did when they went after the guy who penned the O.J. satire, "The Cat Not In The Hat." It is also why that hilariuos "This Land" song by the Jib Jab brothers is legally vulnerable, according to Eugene Volokh.

"Can we just elect John McCain. Majority on both sides of the isle would choice him over Bush or Kerry."

Translation: GWB 350, Kerry 188 in the Electoral College on Election Day.

Drew, McCain became unelectable when he got himself caught up in the Keating scandles. Plus he's somewhat unpopular with the POW/MIA activists, I don't follow that crowd well enough to know exactly why. There are, though, a bunch of my fellow Viet Nam vets that spit when they hear his name. I, as a grunt in a rifle company, don't consider myself competent to either confirm nor dispute their reasons for their dislike.
I will say that there are a helluva lot of men and women that I highly respect that think quite poorly of John McCain.
I would submit, though, that the very people making the most noise on the McCain bandwagon would be the ones screeching the loudest about the Keating scandles if McCain does actually ever get the nomination for the Presidency.

McCain's scum to POW/MIA activists because he, along with Kerry (who chaired the commission), headed an inquiry that destroyed and/or suppressed records and evidence about POW/MIA soldiers still being held captive as late as 1986,and produced a "finding" which allowed normalized relations with Vietnam to be restored.
The story is here.

So it's not just me -- I've had that damned song stuck in my head all week. Another punk for Bush is at http://www.anti-anti-flag.com/index.php


Take a look around at the success of "campaign reform"

THAT alone has earned McCain a permanent spot on my sh*tlist.

I don't like GWB, but I would just like to state that I think John F Kerry is the Anti-Christ.

Also, I don't think that Jello could sue you as he no longer has any rights to songs he wrote with the Dead Kennedys.

Thank you.