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living dead girl

Upcoming zombie movies:

That's enough to keep me shouting BRAAIIIINS for a long time.*

*best shouted in the middle of the night in front of your eleven year old son's room after he spent the day telling you that there is not a zombie movie made that could ever scare him. be prepared to change sheets

More upcoming goodies here.


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Truth: The Diamond Dead feature (which may or may not be made) was written by a passing acquaintence. He's the brother of one of my very best friends (Dianne Cooper--a brilliant sculptor).

When they were shopping the script, they played "live" concerts at a Denver haunted house some four or five years ago. I did a quick CD cover design for the band (and still have the comp copy of the CD that I stole since I never got paid for the work).

Hopefully it gets made--the concept is hilarious.

You can find out more about it here.

I saw a test screening of Shaun of the Dead a couple of months ago. It is freaking hilarious! I know you'll love it, Michele.

Speaking of braaaaiiins, Michelle, you might enjoy the Half-Life total conversion mod trilogy "They Hunger".


Shaun of the Dead's really funny. I thought Diamond Dead was cancelled?

I have heard, but cannot confirm for myself, that you can tell a good zombie movie from a bad zombie movie by observing whether or not the word "zombie" ever occurs in the dialogue.

In Night of the Living Dead, for instance, the word "zombie" is never spoken.

link dropping from a zombie movie fanatic (i recently did a speech in my college public speaking class on surviving the zombocolypse):

www.homepageofthedead.com, with everything you need to know about the "of the dead" series, rumors and comics and real movie news

www.georgearomero.com, romero's personal webpage, still in it's infancy but interesting none the less.

and as an aside, and with an apology to both people that read my blog and have therefore heard this story before...i actually met romero at comicon, in the expomart beside monroeville mall (where "day of the dead" was filmed). best line: "you kids weren't even born when this movie was made (as he was signing my copy of "day"). heck, this building wasn't even here then. it was just a parking lot full of zombies"

Don't forget Resident Evil II.

Andrew! I've been trying to forget Resident Evil I! God, was that a crapfest.

But I'm anxious for Shaun of the Dead to come out. And in the meantime... DEAD ALIVE! DEAD ALIVE! DEAD ALIVE!

From where I sat, the DNC seemed to qualify as a made-for-TV zombie movie...

Lol, I know quite a few people who love RE for some odd reason. Course I don't get the point of zombie movies in general but that is just me. If I can't blast em' in a game I ain't interested.