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New Banner

Stacy is a goddess. Update: Got a complaint about the banner? Tough shit. This isn't your site and I don't design mine by committee. Read into the picture all you want. Analyze it. Subject it to your riducle and complaints. It ain't gonna change.


That's cool. Would've preferred the red rock-em sock-em guy to be knocking the block of the blue one though.

off of

Heh! I thought the same thing.

I dig it though. I was always a rock 'em sock 'em fan.

Oh. My. Gods.

Damnit! Now the favorite senselessly violent toy of my misspent youth has been politicized!

And damnit again, I like it.

Yeah she is!!!

Awsome, even though Gobots are cooler.

She sure is. Seen this yet? http://privatedick.blogspot.com

Hey! I want the motion fuzzed DJ back! That was better than Lenore!

Stacy's work is great and all, but plastic robots? And yeah, the colors are backwards. And, and, and (insert further pointless and useless whining snivelling crying moaning sobbing and overwroughtedness in general just because Michele adjusted her site again without convening a 'change my site' convention with many back room deals and a final overwhelming committe vote that makes the thing look like a damned cyber camel, whatever the hell one of those looks like)

I think those of you who want the red one to be knocking the blue one's block off are just BLINDED BY HATE.

actually I have to agree. Red should be knocking blue's block off to properly represent ASV.

I love it, but I have to question the timing of the red robot's uppercut.

I remember,Roc-em-soc-em robots well. I bought my two older sons,who are 34 and 38 now, this game, for a Christmas present, years ago. I can still hear them, "Mom, Mike keeps knockin my block off." Mom says, "Mike, please let Dave win just one time." Mike says, "He is just a big baby. No way. Take that you baby." Mom gets imaginary gun, cocks it, and pretends to blow her brains out. hehehe! Oh what nostalgic memories of the past. The good old days. LOL

The Republican robot wins in this match. I got a copy of this print for my kid's room, I love it. Or maybe he's not the Republican robot, maybe he's the Red (Sox) robot. Hmmm....

Yea, that's the ticket. It's a Yankee beating up on the Red Sox!

I love the rock'em sock'em robots!

NOTHING is cooler than the rock-em-sock-em robots. The Christmas Eve we got these - which my dad still has in his house - two of my uncles spent the whole evening fighting with them.

Can you make 'em move?

Slap some pinstripes on the Blue 'bot, stat!


The blue bot has defeated the red bot.

Is this a subtle message like the jackass that appeared on Sullivan's weblog? ;)

I don't think there's anything subtle about that message, Laurence.

Stacy's mom has got it goin' on.

I question the timing of that new banner, and the red robot sucked anyways.

Gotta agree with the red-blue complaints.

I personally like your new banner (though I still miss the little dead girl (and yes I know why you got rid of her and they were good reasons but I still miss her)).


So: A person can't put up a banner celebrating toy nostalgia without having a bunch of knee-jerking spastics associate it with the whole red state/blue state divide? Is that how this new "internet" thing works? Hello? Is this thing on?

You've gotta pick up the mouse to talk into it. Hurry up. We can't hear you.

Well, I would like the blue robot loosing, but not for any political reason.

It's just that my best friend used to insist on using blue, so I'd always have the red one......

I like it a lot. Rock'em Sock'ems was a favorite of mine from childhood.

Though, at the same tmie, I'll admit to missing the Lenore banner.

I miss Lenore, too, but I have my stack of comics and several Lenore dolls to tide me over.

Everybody just shut up about Lenore, k?

Happy? Had your fill? Good.


Fishies go pook pook pook

Sorry Michele. Last off topic and/or Lenore post, I swear.

I am really sick of this blatant Anti-Robotism. MICHELE LIED, FORCE TO A ROBOT'S HEAD WAS APPLIED

Man, I wanted the Rock em Sock em Robots SOO bad!

But I did get one of those air pump Sonic bazooka things back in 66 so it wasn't all bad.


"So: A person can't put up a banner celebrating toy nostalgia without having a bunch of knee-jerking spastics associate it with the whole red state/blue state divide?"

When you use blue and red toys, why not? Especially since all her devoted readers knows which side she's on. Reverse the colors, everyone would giggle with gless and this wouldn't be an issue.
If this blog (which I love and read every single day) weren't as political, it wouldn't be an issue at all. But that was my first impression when I saw it~great design, very clever, but the blue is knocking the red's block off? On THIS SITE? That's all I'm saying.

"Read into the picture all you want. Analyze it. Subject it to your riducle and complaints."

She said we could. But I'm not complaining, I hope it stays. This was propbably one of the only toys I was given as a child, at least that I can remember, so it brings back alot of memories. Boohoo.

rocam hits for crush arib

Well I like it, regardless of who's knocking out who. Any (non-tongue-in-cheek) complainers seriously need to get a life.

I'm sorry, but I'm hopelessly un-hip, it seems. I saw the picture, and said, "Cool! Rock'em Sock'em robots! I loved those things!"

I didn't know I was supposed to analyze the new banner. My apologies.

[rolling eyes]