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The Bush Cabal Strikes Again

Ex-Joint Chiefs chairman suffers stroke - Bush blamed. I'm not even surprised. These people are out of their minds. Seriously.


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Absolutely typical. A sensible question, along the lines of "Which general?" and a pleasant, "Get well soon."

Then we're off to the races with the conspiracy theories. How can the sensible people put up with this? Why don't they flee, screaming?

I got a kick out of, "Get his testimony on video tape before it's too late!"

His testimony of what?

Yes, they're freaks.

bushgang motto: bully, bribe, blackmail, threaten and if all else fails, murder

I haven't seen these t-shirts at the Bush/Cheney site yet.

On the other hand, the BBBT&M would make a tasty sandwich (Bacon Bacon Bacon Tomato & Mayo).

Seriously, the use of terms like "bushgang" are part of the weird tendency toward dehumanization. Troubling.

Out of their minds is an understatement. You can't help but laugh at the stuff they say tho. It's just so patently absurd.

It was a black helicopter. Piloted by Cheney with Rumsfeld at the deathray controls.........

Wow. This is pathetic.

Dennis Prager swears that when kids hit teen years, aliens come and take their brains, substituting an alien brain in his/her place. He points out that as parents, we can survive these trying years by realizing about ages 20-24 the aliens come back and return the youngster's brain.

Somehow, I think the posters at DU never got theirs back.

The really sad thing is that if Kerry wins (er yea - right) then these idiots at DU will think that they are right on all their conspiracy theories and will get even worse as their slanted views will be supported by the fact that everyone voted Bush out. On the other hand if Bush wins than these idiots at DU will think that they are right on all their conspiracy theories and will get even worse as their slanted views will be supported by the fact that even though their choice didn't win, more people in the counrty - goolly at least 98% orf them - really wanted to vote for Kerry but the Bush mind control beams made them choose wrong when they voted.

No matter what, their will always be paranoid conspiracy spinning idiots, and as long as the DU is active, they will tend to congregate there as the old method of contact between themselves (ie talking into a mobile cage transmitter with crushed aluminium scatter trasponders - otherwise know as a shopping cart full of empty cans) never did work well.

Either way, the going price for franchises in my tinfoil hat business will be going up steeply after November.

OH - I'm off to see the wizard..........

I think you hit on something there, Headzero. A string of nice little aluminum fedora shops. This could be huge. Bigger than Starbucks....

Ray, you can combine the two: Sell the tinfoil hats at Starbuck's!

"Yes please, a double short mocha breve, with whip, no mind control rays."

Incidentally, in re: black helicopters, I've never understood why they paint them black. If I were in charge of the secret ZOG air operations, I'd paint the helos as sheriff's department, medevac, forestry, traffic control, news station Eye in the Sky, you know, regular helos you'd expect to see and not give a moment's thought to.

Black is way cool, in a slacker or maybe a Goth sort of way, but it's so obvious. Or maybe they're counting on the mind control rays making people forget as soon as they spot one, but there's a hitherto unsuspected part of the population immune to them...

Uh-oh. I think I'd better shut up. Forget I was ever here, okay guys?

I used to get angry when I read DU, now I just laugh. I was telling a friend the other day how they are like a freaky version of "telephone," people drop a suggestion here, paranoid delusion there, and by the end they are all high-fiving themselves that they've uncovered the truth. Hoo-Wah!

I don't think they would be happy if Kerry won, because then they'd have to explain to themselves why all the crimes they have been accusing Bush of aren't being prosecuted. It won't be because they can't prove a nutjobs rants, but because Kerry sold out to the evil repugs.

These people can't by definition be happy, ever. It's all about scapegoating some mysterious hidden power that is destroying their world. They get their jollies by imagining themselves beacons of sanity in an evil world populated by sheep. If they ever saw their views adopted by the mainstream, it would just kill them to be regarded as a part of humanity again.

They'd just shift over to blaming alien abductions and signals from Mars instead. They aren't mad because they are excluded, they like it that way.

Steve, you're making a lot of sense with the helicopter painting idea, but there may be an unintended consequence. Now whenever a moonbat looks up and sees a police helicopter, or Channel 13's Eye In The Sky, he'll think, "They can't fool me. That's really a black helicopter."

On the other hand, if I saw an Apache painted like Channel 13, I guess Channel 8 better stay the hell out of the way.

Just watch, Steve. Someone will do it and take all the damn credit. Call it Starhats or something....

And who let you in on the helicopter painting. Oops, you didn't hear me say that.......

News Channel 4 helicopters in New York have a tendency to crash into buildings in Brooklyn.

Best wishes for a speedy medical recovery for General Shalikashvili.

Best wishes for speedy and quality psychological and psychiatric help for the members of DU.

The members of DU are way beyond any help anyone here on this planet can give.

If Bush wins I guess we'll all see if spontaneous combustion is actually possible. I love that fact that "reasonable" bloggers like Atrios and that fatass Oliver Willis post on DU and nothing is made of it.

"Clinton butt-boy..."
"Well at least he was healthy enough a few weeks ago to endorse John Kerry."
"Was he struck by lightning for telling lies?"

Yeah. What a bunch of heartless bastards.

They're just as bad, Scott. I've disavowed the Freepers ages ago.

michele: Oh I know you have. My point is just that you can't point out stupidity, heartlessness and insanity among amateur liberal commentators while ignoring that conservatives are just as bad.

Yes I can, Scott. I'm not required to balance my posts. When my goal is to dissect the left, I pay attention to the left.

Enough of the "mommy, those guys did it too!" technique! Just because the Freepers are insane doesn't mean the DUers aren't.


Will you admit that

Get his testimony on video tape before it's too late!

bushgang motto: bully, bribe, blackmail, threaten and if all else fails, murder


is heartlessness and insanity among amateur liberal commentators?

Because, if you do, I will reaffirm that

Clinton butt-boy...
Well at least he was healthy enough a few weeks ago to endorse John Kerry.
Was he struck by lightning for telling lies?


is also heartlessness and insanity among amateur conservarive commentators.

Once we get there, perhaps we can all have intelligent, relevant debate about the issues, where we are, and where we need to be, and we can begin to ignore the chatter.

If not, then

Get his testimony on video tape before it's too late!

bushgang motto: bully, bribe, blackmail, threaten and if all else fails, murder

is just as acceptable as

Clinton butt-boy...
Well at least he was healthy enough a few weeks ago to endorse John Kerry.
Was he struck by lightning for telling lies?

and then where will we be?

Exactly where we are today. Is that really where you want to be tomorrow?

Scott (a different one)

Uh...Folks....this is why the Founding Fathers placed the Electoral College into the electoral process of the Consitution and why The United States of America is a FEDERAL Republic and NOT a Open Democracy. Were simply a open popular vote used to determine a election...well, reading those comments you could see what the result would be. Checks and Balances my dear friends.

Additonally, now you can see why Lord Gladstone described the American Constituion as: "...the greatset document ever struck off by the hand of Man." Imagine if Al-Gore actually won on the popular vote alone..... Shutter

Scott: My point was precisely that both the freepers and the DUers can be equally heartless and insane.

Michele: I realize now I left off an important bit of that comment and so it sounded like I was ordering you around (you know I wouldn't do that). What I meant to say was that "you" (collectively, not you personally) can't complain about something while ignoring the same thing going on among your "side" and remain intellectually honest. This is the difference between arguing to find some truth or common ground and arguing to win. Anyway. Sorry about leaving that off.

Sorry folks, but this is the real deal. Let's review shall we:

1) In 2000 I could eat Ice Cream, Cheese, and other Dairy products with no ill effects. Bush stole the elecetion and now I'm Lactose Intollerant - coincidence? I think not.

2) In 2000 I quit smoking for my health. Then the BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) rigged the Florida vote and in the interim I've gained nearly 40 pounds - coincidence? I think not.

3) November 2001, I'm shopping for my mother's Christmas present when I see a selection of knit comforters and throws on sale for $24. When I get to the register I'm charged $42 for the one I picked out; at the same time we're in war in Afghanistan - coincidence? I think not.

4) The Dixie Chicks - need I say more?

See folks, there's nothing that can't be traced back to the BFEE and Bushitler, it's sooooo obvious! Now if you'll excuse me I must wrap yet another layer of foil around my head - some of the evil mind control laser signals are still getting through.

re: dehumanization:

Yes, dehumanizing an opponent is a sure way to blame them for everything. But I think this post doesn't show enough dehumanization to prove anything. Merely "bushgang" implies a gang related to Bush... and a gang, while somewhat derogatory, is not exactly inhumane.

Now "Feminazi", associates the feminists with nazis, and nazis are generally looked at as insane animals. The same goes for "Hitlery Clinton".

Not to say the DUers are sane, per se... just that this post isn't evidence enough to the contrary ;)

you call conspiracy theorists idiots, but not all of them are, just most of them at DU. There ARE conspiracies, and if you don't know that, you have put the blinders on yourself. If anyone thinks politicians serve the people altruistically, dem or repub, you gotsa lotsa lernin' ta do. They don't care about you any more han you care about anyone you disagree with.

Freemasons. Need I say more? (Perhaps I've said too much.)

You've said too much - Dr. Pepper is on Ice.

"you gotsa lotsa lernin' ta do"?? WTF?

I love it when people use cutesy "plain tawk" to chide you with. It's so... nauseating.