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I've had it with people derailing my posts by inserting their own agendas into my comments. No more free rides. Your comments will be deleted. Get your own blog and spout your bullshit there. This place is not your soapbox. Either stay on topic or stay away. (added: this goes for ALL of you. I don't care what side of politics/baseball/whatever the topic is that you are on). Another Update: Re the Wired article (previous rant edited out). I should have mentioned that it was about RedState.org, which deserves all the mentions it gets and I should not let the obvious bias of a reporter or the "money" quote by Kos stand in the way of that. Anyhow, Tacitus does a nice job of it here.


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What Tom said (altough my comment on your previous post makes little sense now).


Your house - your rules. If they don't like it, let them get a house of their own.

So, you're saying I can only say "ass slap" if the post topic is ass slapping?

That hardly seems fair.

But John Kerry served in Vietnam!

Thank you Michele! Thread hijacking is one of my pet peeves.

I agree completely.

Oh, and Free Monkeystan!

But who's going to save the gay, non-nuclear, baby seals for Krishna?

I love Smarties. They are my favorite (non-eye) candy.

Oh, ok, back to the subject of your post.

I agree.

It is my lifelong agenda to agree with this post. I should get my own blog and spout my opinions there. Too. Damn. Lazy.
FWIW Michele, I know that another smart-assed comment by someone mocking the asshats you are talking about is just what you needed. By now it's got to be just about as funny as someone asking "Hot enough for ya?" But your posts are like brains and we are but zombies.
Ok, off the soapbox now. I'll quit hijacking your comments. :-)

I don't care what everyone says, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle was not a funny movie. (and Doogie Houser creeped me out.)
Oh.. sorry.. yeah.. Hijacking threads suck.

Brownies. Anything chocolate. Apple pie with chocolate ice cream.

Huh? What were you saying?

I question the timing of this notice.

I think its just another way to keep the white man down.

Down with honey-laundering!

Good call Michele. It gets a bit rediculous. However I think you're gonna have to expect the smarty-pants comments in this thread, the subject of the post is just begging for it. :D :D :D

This thread needs more cameltoe.

I lost my agenda, I think. Have you seen it? It was brown, and fuzzy because I spilt beer on it and forgot to clean it and left it in the dark one time and

Anyway, this is day 9 of my 50th year, and I haven't caused any changes to the future that I know of. The Vulcans still contact us in a century or so.

Is the double secret probationary period over?

That's okay, I haven't the legs for a toga.

Every thread is worth hijacking if there's pie involved.

So here's my proposed motto for the American Non Sequitur Society:

We may be irrelvant, but we do like pizza!

Crap! I misspelled irrelivint.. irrrreluhvunt... irr...

Okay, Michele, please feel free to delete all the stupid stuff people post. Leave mine though, please, because I told my Mom that I'm a writer and she doesn't really know about blogs and their comments yet.