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Photo Sunday: Putting Along

I hadn't taken the camera out in a while and I wanted to sing the virtues of the Coolpix 5700 while everyone else is jumping on the D70 bandwagon. We played 18 holes today at the very lovely, if underwhelming, mini golf course at Eishenhower Park. When I think mini golf, I think something like Seven Wonders of the World. This park has no windmills or tunnels or anything that makes mini-golf more than a casual walk in the park. Except beauty. It really is a pleasant course. Rather than tell you what I shot, score-wise, I'll just show you what I shot, picture-wise [click each for supersize]. My tax dollars at work: That sign ate at my nerves the entire time we were playing. How could not one person who works there realize that course is spelled wrong? Especially when the other course had a sign that spelled it right. Random pictures, mostly of my nephew (who obviously takes his golf seriously) because my kids are getting camera shy in their old age. My favorite is the one of David leaping. Given the weird timing (when taking action photos) of the 5700, I was pleased to get that picture. I also like the close up of the waterfall. In my defense, I didn't golf very well because I had the camera hanging around my neck. Though I suppose treating the golf club like a hockey stick didn't help much.


Great pictures, Michele! The water pictures are my favorite. The daughter looks like she's got a bit o' Jersey Attitude in her.

Okay, which is it? The course was misspelled, and then the camera was hanging in the way. What are you trying to say? You're kids beat their old woman at mini-golf?

Don't be so apologetic. It's a stupid game, anyway. Yeah, that's it. Stupid kid stuff. We've got better things to do and all. Yeah.

And the putters are always too damn short, too. Things weren't designed for us adults.

Well, obviously...."coarse" is used as an adjective there, not a noun. They were letting you know that the greenskeeper hadn't worked on those greens yet.

Ugh! "You're" instead of "Your"? I apologize profusely to the spelling and grammar gnomes. I beg forgiveness.

Ouch. That sign caused me physical pain. If I were you, I'd let the management know, in some kind and gentle way.

It reminds me of seeing a spelling error online the other night - I was looking up info on cars and was checking out the Infiniti site....you'd think that a company that sold $53,000 SUV's would hire a site designer that could proof read their copy.

In my youth, I actually played some cometitive minature golf, played in some tournaments and won a few trophies. They even used to have a pro circuit, but alas I wasn't that good.

Your layout does look vastly more attractive - grotesque grammatical errors aside - than any course I ever played, however. ;-)

I agree, very nice photos.

I used the Coolpix 5700 for a few months and really loved it sometimes and hated it others. Most of the time I disliked it was when I'd push the button and wait... wait... great, not the photo I wanted.

I really like the screen on it, though. I remember taking photos like the close-up you have here of the falls, something that's much more difficult with the D70. (I had to get it! My friend said to!)

But yeah, very nice photos. Your nephew really looks like he knows what he's doing. I can only assume he finished -3 or -4 par, right?