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The Doom(3) Song

Everyone is raving about Doom 3. I haven't seen a bad review yet and everyone I know who bought it are now sequestered in houses and probably won't be seen for months. I asked for a copy for my birthday. Fingers crossed. The one thing that I keep hearing from people who have played the game is that it scares them. As in "I have never been frightened by a video game until now. I won't play with the lights off or if I'm home alone." I've heard a lot of that. I remember playing Metal Gear Solid 2 and it gave me a case of the frights when it would chastise me for playing too long. I think it told me to turn the game off and go to bed, or something similar. Something really weird about your game talking to you. Creepy. Anyhow, if anyone has been playing Doom 3, I'd love to hear your take on it. [That's it for me until later this evening, we are going to enjoy the fall-like weather at the links]


I've been playing it, though just barely as my system is woefully out of date. It is scary. There's no great gameplay innovations, but it's just a damn fun, scary, creep-n-save game. Some of the sudden cut scenes can really unsettle you if you've been playing for a while.

A friend of mine has been building up to the game for years now, so has the full 5.1 sound system for it which makes a huge difference in the experience. Also, without a subwoofer, the weapons sound pretty weak.

I've only played a little bit of it so far, but damn. It spooks the hell out of me. After my first encounter with a bad guy, I had this little ball of fear sitting in my stomach. The atmosphere of the game certainly makes you want to leave the lights on in the house.

I'm playing it at the mid-range settings and it still looks amazing.

I loved it
It was even better than "Cats"
I'm going to play it again and again....

Doom 3's good stuff. I don't know about actually being scared, but things jumping out at you from behind works effectively until the 50th time or so. This game is so amazing to look at that I plan on finishing regardless, and I rarely finish games. The multiplayer is ass though. Make sure you have a good sound card, the atmospheric audio is good.

Mixed review here. The graphics certainly are amazing, and monsters jumping out at you is certainly a good way to get a "GAH!" out of the player, but like so many FPSes of today it's fully equipped with "cannot see shit" technology.

For a hilarious rundown of the game's problems, see today's newsbox at www.machall.com

As graphics and sound goes, yeah, it can't be beat. If you've got a big enough video card, crank up the effects and resolution 'cos you are in for a treat.

However, it's getting easy now, and I'm not as paranoid to walk around corners as I was on first playing. But for the first couple of levels, when everything starts going, ah, to hell, you'll get tripped right the hell out.

I'm taking screenshots as I go along, most of them panic button hits as I've bound the screnshot key to right click on the trackball here.

Um, speaking of computer games, doesn't somebody owe me something?

Regarding the "cannot see shit" technology, some of you might be interested in the duct tape mod. If you haven't already seen it, it duct tapes a narrow beam flashlight to the shotgun and machinegun.

Also, while we're on the topic of video games, check out the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive.

All via joystiq.

Doom3 is good, and creepy, but I find it less flat-out scary than the Silent Hill games. Those should refuse to run after dark :-)

The only game to ever make me jump was Marathon: Evil (a total conversion for Marathon). Basically its Half Life many years before the game.

You have to have a beast of a machine to run it as the developers intended and even then, you can turn off your monitor for long stretches of time and you probably can't tell the difference -- yes, it's that dark.

It's not scary so much as it's startling. Things jump out of walls, out of dark corners. Guys you thought were dead suddenly shuffle to life after you walk past them.

I developed a strategy that involved entering a room, sidling to the corner so nothing could jump me from behind and then blasting away at anything that moved.

Worked fine until the guys started dropping out of the ceiling...

There's one scene where you walk into a room with an air vent halfway open on the ceiling. You see something slither up it, then body parts start to fall out.

I can only play for an hour at most before I get spooked out too much. My biggest problem is that my machine isn't up to snuff so when things start getting hectic, my video card craps out and I can shoot because the frame rate is too low.

Oh well...

Obviously, graphics are the major selling point of this game, but it's the small things in this game that really make it so spectacular.
The PDA fuction of the game adds a lot of depth to the game - from reading the emails that people get, you start to get the whole background story. The audio messages is another big point, where you can hear the confusion, the fear that some of the scientists feel.

The only big negative part that I noticed is that it's fairly easy to find the trigger points that spawn monsters. If you see a piece of body armor in the corner of the room, don't touch it unless you want to spawn 3 monsters at your back.

The first or second Resident Evil games got a jump or two out of me ...

Finished Doom3 2 days ago, here are my impressions:

-Won't break any ground in the FPS genre, but then again what the F will break any ground in this genre. For all intents and purposes we are working on the same paradigm here that goes all the way back to Doom. So, every review that listed this as a con was a wash for me. I don't really think they know what would give us something new in the FPS genre, other then better map and level design.

-The story kicks ass and has a sense of beginning, middle, and end. This is a rare treat in this day and age where computer games are all about the whizbang, but less about the story. This is a definate change for id Software and money well spent on the author they hired for the story.

-Someone already mentioned the PDA and I thought it kicked butt.

-The voice acting for this game is head and shoulders above voice acting for video games. Each different voice sounded different and some seemed to have a life of their own. A nice detail for the game authors.

-GRAPHICS, 'nuff said, but the bar has been raised and you don't need a beast of a system to run this game. Just check out the Doom 3 hardware guide at hardocp.com (http://www2.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NjQ0). They go into a lot of detail on this end, plus they also have a series of decent benchmarks for the game. Also the FPS for this game are capped at 60, so no benchmarks showing 120 fps.

-The base actually seems lived in and you feel like you are in the action, killer atmosphere. I spent a lot of time just looking around going, damn if this doesn't look like a research facility designed by engineers for engineers, all about function as opposed to form. The outdoor scenes are really nice, I felt like an extra in Total Recall.

-The first 4 hours playing this game was the single greatest computer gaming experience I have ever had, and I have a good 20+ years of gaming under my belt. Unfortunately the game does tend to drag on a bit towards the middle, but it does pick up steam afterwards.

-The sound was killer, if you don't have 5.1 use headphones, but id cheated here, because they recycled some of the same sounds from Quake 3 for some weapon and health pick up sounds. This felt like a cheat to me.

-Multi play is total ass, the server browser sucks more ass then the actually gaming, but multiplayer was just an afterthought and I would bet it was a late add. If you want multiplay stick with UT2K4.

-I'm still on the fence concerning the flashlight and I would love to hear the true story of how the use of the flashlight evolved during the course of the game design. More then once I had the flashlight in hand, beast jumps in front of me, I hit the fire button without changing weapons, and proceed to hit said creature with the flashlight doing hardly any damage:)


I have not been to work in 3 days, damn.. I wonder if I still have a job?

The parts where the demons take over your mind were just fantastic.

But it would be a better idea to save your money to prepare for Half Life 2.