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Kids Riot in Iraq!

Well, kind of.


I love America's heart and soul!

If the news on TV would do a "30 seconds of good in Iraq" segment every time they went off about how many soldiers have died, or which town was rioting, people would feel much better about whats going on over there. Depressing news depresses people. The only way that the liberal media can instill a public outcry to cut and run is to only ever show the carnage and horror and remind us that nearly 1000 soldiers have died over there - but lets not mention the 100's of thousands of people murdered by the guy we desposed.

Fox? Anyone? How about it? A little slice of the news to counter balance how bad it is by mentioning some of the good.

Headzero, the problem is the media is getting bored with stories of soldiers dying also. Did you realize 18 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq in August so far? It's "old news" and it's printed deep into the paper and mentioned in passing, if at all, on the nightly news.

That said, I do think there needs to be better coverage of the positive stories coming out of Iraq. I just fear we are becoming too numb to the casualties.

Actually, Headzero, Fox has run several "good news from Iraq" segments. But not often and not very long.

My son tells me things like this are happeneing all the time. Glad to see at least some little bit of coverage on it.

Hmm. Anything to take your mind off the fact that we've replaced one brutal abusive regime with another brutal abusive regime:

"BAGHDAD -- The national guardsman peering through the long-range scope of his rifle was startled by what he saw unfolding in the walled compound below.

From his post several stories above ground level, he watched as men in plainclothes beat blindfolded and bound prisoners in the enclosed grounds of the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

He immediately radioed for help. Soon after, a team of Oregon Army National Guard soldiers swept into the yard and found dozens of Iraqi detainees who said they had been beaten, starved and deprived of water for three days.

In a nearby building, the soldiers counted dozens more prisoners and what appeared to be torture devices -- metal rods, rubber hoses, electrical wires and bottles of chemicals. Many of the Iraqis, including one identified as a 14-year-old boy, had fresh welts and bruises across their back and legs.

The soldiers disarmed the Iraqi jailers, moved the prisoners into the shade, released their handcuffs and administered first aid. Lt. Col. Daniel Hendrickson of Albany, Ore., the highest ranking American at the scene, radioed for instructions.

But in a move that frustrated and infuriated the guardsmen, Hendrickson's superior officers told him to return the prisoners to their abusers and immediately withdraw. It was June 29 -- Iraq's first official day as a sovereign country since the U.S.-led invasion."

But hey, some kids are happy about getting games, so everything must be peachy keen.

Of course, Harley. Once Saddam was deposed, after decades, decades of complete totalitarian, brutal, capricious, autocratic rule..well, hell, those damned Iraqis should have immediately turned into an Iowa PTA meeting.

/off tag for the sarcasm-impaired trolls

So, Darleen, it's your position that, because Saddam was a bad man who had his enemies beaten and tortured, it's perfectly okay for the regime we put in his place to have their enemies beaten and tortured?

I just want to make sure I'm following the logic here.

Funny, "we" didn't put a regime in place. The Iraqis are in the business right now of putting their own in place (locally elections have been going on for quite some time..town councils, etc. And the majority of the time, moderates are being elected).

Saddams brutality was a matter of policy. Nothing has been presented that indicates, however tragic and brutal this instant was, that this is policy of the new Iraqi government. National elections have not even yet been held..

But go ahead and wish for the return of Saddam because Iraqis are not perfect within months of his toppling. How dare they not immediately grasped all the nuances of being a humane society!

Um, actually, we did put the regime in place. The people running Iraq right now were hand-picked by us for the job.

Oh, and "wish for the return of Saddam?" For the sake of anyone around here with allergy problems, I suggest you remove your straw man. Thanks.