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programming note

The Venture Brothers are back. New episode debuts tonight at 11 on the Cartoon Network. That is all. Not a paid announcement. Though, I wouldn't turn the cash down


The new Cartoon Network shows look pretty sweet. IS it just me or does Venture Bros. sorta remind anyone else of The Tick? I'm also looking forward to Foster's House Home for Imaginary Friends. This could make up for the lose of my precious Aquateens.

ATHF now on DVD Whoo Hoo !!!

if it is good enough for drew......
/j/k drew if you hang here:-)

...It was every bit as funny as I'd hoped it would be, especially for those of us Of A Certain Age who remember 'Jonny Quest'.
(BTW, the 'Dr. Girlfriend' bit was priceless.)


Brock Samson pwns. Get down with the twitchy eye.

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