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Open Thread Saturday

Subject: Anything but politics/war. Difficulty: No mentions of Bush or Kerry. Let's see if you can do this.


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Bu... err... Ker... err...

Doom3 rules! :)

Ouch, this could be painful......

How about readers recount their most awkward and embarrassing sexual experiences? Could be good for a laugh.

Easy one for me.....I got engaged last night!!!!!

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Seriously, though, Doom3 is AWESOME.

I'm on Delta 2 looking for the thingy that makes the transporter run. I'm not kidding, this game is actually scaring me.

I keep playing with headphones on, in the dark, alone, so maybe that has something to do with it, but still, when was the last time you heard a hardcore gamer say a game scared them? The audio is creep-tastic.

Congratulations, Alexis!!!

When's the big day?

I question your timing!


Just out of curiosity, what are your system specs? I read somewhere that Doom 3 will run on systems with a 64 MB graphics card, but 512 MB is recommended for optimal play. I'd like to make sure it'll run before I buy.

Several people in my town have bush's in leiu of fences in their front yards. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that some of these lazy jack-holes don't bother to trim them back, instead allowing the bush to become overgrown and partially block the side walk. I guess they're too lazy to trim them and "carry" the branches away. Talk about the nadir of good housekeeping.

One large pizza with ham, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, and onion. And dont go easy on the sauce either.

Please, peOpL,IT Is Critical that we let Michese reSt today. We mustn't tAlk about the forRbidden subjects.

She never said we cound not mention Roger Clemens!

I copied these specs off the Best Buy site for the Doom 3:
PC Processor Type Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, AMD Athlon™ processor
PC Processor Speed 1.5GHz
PC Operating System Windows 2000, Windows XP
PC System Memory 384MB RAM
PC Hard Drive Space 1.7GB
PC Video 64MB DirectX 9.0b 3D-compatible ATi Radeon or nVidia GeForce video card
PC Sound Card 16-bit DirectX 9.0b-compatible sound card
PC Drive Type and Speed CD-ROM 8x
PC Additional Requirements Internet service required to access online features
And this is only the MINIMUM
Looks like I need a new system to play this game.

Let's see, friends coming down today to bring packing boxes, and then they've promised to take my mind off the whole 'having to move cus the landlord is selling the house thing' by taking us to play pool and drink, and then Mexican food and drink :)

Sounds like a plan!

I completed work for my MBA last night.

The rest of the weekend is being spent as a sloth on the sofa watching cartoons and cheesy romantic comedies.

I'm about to go see Before Sunset.

I loved Before Sunrise. Come to think of it, I like a lot of chick flicks.

Please don't hurt me.

Thanks willow!

We are looking to do a fall wedding...nothing more romantic than the leaves changing color, plus I absolutely hate hot, New Jersey summers.

Although considering all this ahem global warming, it is a balmy, August day today, with temps topping out at 70 degrees. Damn you gas-guzzling SUVS! ;~P

There is a new wasp nest being nuilt by an industrious family of wasps in the corner of the ceiling above my patio. (It's a covered patio -- covered by the balcony of the apartment above.) Considering the dry, abandoned wasp nest near the new one, it's a favorite wasp hangout. Of course I told my landlord about it. Of course no one has been near the place to do anything about it. I can't wait to move out of this place.

I am eating a cheesesteak.

Wait, some guy already made that political.

Why don`t we talk about something interseting like math?

Just got back from a week at the shore. Had a great time. However, missed reading A Small Victory every day!


Dang, won't support superscript......

I bought an Apple IIe!

I was so inspired by the whole Commodore 64 thing that decided I needed to re-live my adolescence. The first thing I'm going to do is play Computer Ambush. I still have the 5-inch disk in the box.

I'm thinking my next project is to take an Atari 800, or maybe a Commodore SuperPet or TRS-80, and replace all the components with new ones. State of the art electronics, in a vintage wrapper.

Just something to do. Better than watching the stupid election "news" until November.

Andrea, if there's any way you can get a hold of one of those shop vac's, you might just have a solution to your wasp problem.
Many years ago a bunch of yellowjackets decided to take up residence under my father's porch. My father, being the ingenious man he is, saw a way to defeat this invading horde. He filled our wet/dry shop-vac with soapy water, draged it out to the porch and set up the hose so it's opening faced the entrance to the yellowjacket nest. Whenever one of the yellowjackets was heading home, all we had to do was flip the switch of the shop-vac, where it would quickly be dispatched to a watery, soapy grave. Our yellowjacket problem was solved. I realize your wasps are above, not bellow head-level. Still, if you are indeed able to get a hold of a wet/dry shop-vac, I suppose you could rig the nozzel up so it's opening hangs in front of the nest. Or if that doesn't work, you can kill individual wasps by spraying them with hairspray - it totally gums up their wings.

I think I'm going to make a Phil Collin's robot this weekend.

Math is hard.....

Have you seen the promos saying the final episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is August 15th? What the hell? Why didn't anybody tell me it was ending?

Only 139 hours until Alien vs. Predator.

Mike, I agree completely!

When Boddy put two and two together, he did not get four. Nor did he get five or twenty-two.

Instead, he got a wolverine.

He wasn't sure how, but sitting on his notepad where the two and the other two had been was an extremely irritated wolverine.

It was at that point, Bobby tried to separate the twos.

When he got out of the hospital, Bobby made a mental note: never put two and two together.

As for three and three, however...

Holy cow! Pirats is actually coming out. I want to buy an Amiga (talk about old machines) just to play Pirates and pirates gold on the Amiga but now....

Same problem here, Andrea, only mine resides in the upper corner of the doorjamb leading out to my deck.

I have a can of Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer right here on the desk. Reportedly sprays up to twenty-two feet and it says it kills the entire nest. Or in Spanish Mata El Nido Entero!.

We'll have to see how it works out once I'm brave enough to actually go and spray it.

Yeah, that's the rub -- getting up the courage to spray the things. It's my experience that wasps are little kamikazes: they'll use what's left of their lives to get at you. Hmm... Stick my arm out the sliding glass door, spray, jerk myself back inside and slide the door shut... Nah, I'll just screw it up.

The weather in NY has been unusually mild the past couple of days. Very pleasant!

I like pie.


First congrats! Second, fall as in THIS fall, as in the next few months? Sweety, what ARE you thinking (unless you have a line on someone's gorgeous backyard). In CA if you don't book a place 9-12 mos ahead...

Hey, I love weddings..feel free to share details!!

Now, gratuitous tidbits ... The next Harry Potter Book has a title "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince", "Goblet of fire" is now being filmed and Ralph Fiennes has been cast as Voldemort (I'm so looking to reading these books to my twin grandsons when they are old enough) and

convicted murderer Kevin Cooper (who has his own Hollywood idiots in support) is a step closer to the needle (yea!) as one of his defense experts have confirmed a bit of prosecution evidence.

I get wasps all the time here (Fla). I am no expert, but it is my experience that the wasps that nest under eaves are paper wasps and are no where near as agressive as yellow jackets. In fact once, I was wiring some flood lights, wasn't paying attention and then noticed I had a nest of paper wasps about a foot from my face. They left me alone. Usually yellow jackets live in holes in the ground and I would get a professional to handle them, especially if the hole is surrounded by plants and hard to get to. But in your case I would by a can and spray away. Best time to spray is at night.

Why do I have this facination with "Night of the Comet"?... Cannot go past any station playing it without watching the rest of the movie. Help me! (Although who in the 80s didn't like Catherine Mary Stewart).

The Cubs are two outs away from getting Maddux his 300th win--and against the stupid Giants, too!

Kid is away for the weekend. Mom gets prime rib, baked tater (it's a southern thang, ya'll) and salad for dinner and chocolate silk pie for desert.

Life is good.

Heh. Night of the Comet had that guy from Eating Raoul* in it. It was not that bad of a movie, in it's small, cheesy, quintessentially 80s way.

*Robert Beltran, that's it. Say, isn't he the same guy who plays Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager? I don't remember, haven't watched the show in years, and I don't feel like looking it up. Today is Lazy Slug day.

"Its small, cheesy..."

Geez, I hate when I do that. I remember carefully typing the apostrophe in there too.

I spent the afternoon watching my husband compete in a Playstation/Madden competition.

Now I understand why people kill themselves.

I have this rough skin on my foot. Do you know what that is? what causes it? Is there a reason why a duck's quack don't echo?

OK, then let's see some , or for the ladies some .

(Notice how I stayed on topic by not asking for for bush?)

Sorry, I couldn't pass up the cheap FARK gag.

Opie and Anthony are comming back to radio. XM channel 202.. WHOO HOO!!

I've never much paid attention to pop culture, I'd rather be hunting or fishing. I've always been somewhat very mildly curious about what the phrase "I'm Rick James, bitch" had reference to. The other day some singer I'd never heard of died. His name was Rick James. Is he who or what the phrase was in reference to? Who was the bitch? Why should she care who Rick James is, or was? I have a German Shepherd bitch. Her name is Keena. She looked around when I said "I'm Rick James, bitch" but she didn't see anyone to bite so she laid back down on her big pillow and played with her squeaky toy.

now watch this drive.

Didn't read any of it. My vent: Double digits over the Red Sox. Where's Darth Bastard George?

Not to break the whole political ban thing, but am I the only one that was surprised that Moxie didn't bitch-slap Ed Begley on Dennis Miller last night?

El Duque (or his clone - see trackback) shut out Toronto tonight.
Unless you have an excessively cruel streak, forget about Boston and start watching Atlanta. I am a little tired of the Bombers losing World Series, but they have a good record of slapping around the Braves.

I'm house-sitting for my parents this week. Crazy John Hughes-style party over here!

Chakotay yes, Andrea, in Night of the Comet. Why oh why did I waste time on that today?

In other news, I'm so looking forward to my next house guest. :)

"The Cubs are two outs away from getting Maddux his 300th win--and against the stupid Giants, too!"

And it's official: #300 for Maddux.

Everyone raise a glass for the most elegant and brilliant (if not quite the best) mound artist of the post WWII era.

In all of the world's entertainment history, the "popular" theaters have all been run by the state. It wasn't until theater bloomed again in America in the late 1800s that private and independent investors began to back the entertainment arts for profit.




but am I the only one that was surprised that Moxie didn't bitch-slap Ed Begley on Dennis Miller last night?

Perhaps you were the only one who cared that she was on tv.

Moxie? Isn't that a soda?

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is very very strange. I mean, in a single episode it features send-ups of Monty Python, Barbarella, The Exorcist, North by Northwest, Robocop, Alien, Die Hard, Knight Rider, Duel, Night of the Living Dead, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Titanic, Ultraman and Back to the Future. Blink and you've missed it.


In Roman times it was a government benefit that accrued good feelings and loyalty to Caesar. All the games at the Coliseum were free to the attendees, and the government had lots of "feast days" for the populace to take off from work and attend. Gladiators were the rockstars or sportstars of the era, with fan clubs and perks.

Our government has shifted its emphasis on what area benefits created by taxes are appropriate from entertainment to things like retirement, education, health.

Hey, at Lowe's you can get this spray stuff for wasps that shoots a foamy chemical about 25-30 feet, different from the liquid that pisses em off. They get all stuck in the stuff and fall and die. It's cool!

I was never really clear on the whole "paper wasp not aggressive, yellowjacket aggressive thing". I figure anything you don't understand, kill it.

Dave, does that include Carrot Top?

It has to, michele.

Raid Wasp Killer update:

Screwed up the courage to spray the junk last night. Propped open the deck door, and managed to stand about ten feet away.

Turns all my wasp-avoiding efforts were completely unecessary. That stuff is lethal. I managed to hit the nest on the first try and the wasps just dropped to the ground. Dead as doornails. Killed on contact. I sprayed again---one was hanging on for dear life---and then he dropped. Not one of them was able to make a death run at me. It works!

Later today I have to remove the hive, and while I'm leery, I have to think that the advertising on the can is correct and that the junk has spread into the hive and that it will be completely dead. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hey, nice marmot.

The phrase "I'm Rick James, bitch!" was coined on an episode of the Chapelle Show on Comedy Central. When you asked the question I wondered if you might be the last person on Earth who hasn't seen Dave Chapelle's series, but then no one answered your question. That was when I realized I might be the last person on Earth who hasn't gotten a life. Anyways, the episode in question deals with the relationship between the Murphy brothers (Eddie and Charlie) and Rick James (yeah, the singer). You can buy the first season of the show on DVD, it's effing hilarious, as was the second season.


while I don't quite understand Carrot Top, I haven't advocated spraying bug foam on a comic since Andrew Dice Clay.

So I suppose some judgement has to be applied. Pity, cause Carrot Top really irritates the shit out of me.