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Music and Motorin'

I don't think I ever posted this much on a Friday. Alas, this is the last post of the evening as no one reads on a Friday night, anyhow. So, I've been doing a lot of soul searching today. Deep, introspective soul searching. See, I'm trying to figure out why I like Linkin Park so much. They're like Stabbing Westward lite. All the whining and morose complaining, but none of the really good riffs. The rapping is bad - it sounds more like the Backstreet Boys than anything else - and the screaming is over the top. So, why? Why can I not stop listening to it. Who knows. One of the great mysteries of life. Speaking of music, I have a treat for you tonight, courtesy of Ryan Cox. He did the right thing by sending me this song. It's by a band called The Monolators and it's, well, different. It's a sort of remake of The End by the Doors with a snippet of Night Ranger's Sister Christian in the middle. And we all know how I feel about that song. Enjoy. (And I left the Clutch song from last night in the radio. If you didn't listen to it then, listen to it now) Hell, I'll include a Linkin Park song just for the hell of it. Radio in extended entry.


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I know what you mean, I've got the same problem with Good Charlotte.
Go easy on me.

Oh and I've got a song I'd like to send you. The Libertines "I get along" Shall I ?

Well gee whiz a name mention and everything.

Though I must say I came across this on Hit & Run (Reason's blog). I have no idea why they had it.

The banjo was amusing and the "Father I want to kill you" part may have pinned the needle on the unintentional comedy scale. But when they broke into Motorin I lost my shit. I just had to send it to my fav blogger.

I read on Friday night. The television's broken and the dog's not much for conversation.

I also like Linkin Park and am not sure why. And I enjoy the music suggestions--groups I haven't heard of.

Just another nobody reading you on a Friday night...sigh.

"no one reads on a Friday night"

Sure seems that way. But for me (working, married, kids) Friday night is a good night to relax and read blogs and blog.

uh .. unlike every other night???

hey, i can quit any time i want.

Well, I'm still here.

Friday nights ain't what they used to be.

You got me as well on this Friday night...though I wouldn't exactly put that on a billboard.

I have to admit to liking Linkin Park as well. The 8 year old and I listen almost every morning on the way to school. It holds me over till I can get a cup of coffee in me.

I am (alas still) single and I am reading on Friday night. So much for the exciting single lifestyle!

LauraB found an interesting quiz, What Kind of Elitist Are You I this comment on LauraB's quite interesting site.

My result was: Music Provenu

Your CD collection is almost as big as your ego, and you can most likely play an instrument or three. You're a real hit at parties, but you're SO above karaoke. What people love: You're instant entertainment. Unless you play the oboe. What people hate: Your tendency to sing louder than the radio and compare everything to a freaking song.

The quiz is an accurate assessment of me. Note that I corrected the spelling of oboe in the above paragraph, which is otherwise copied from the quiz result. Regarding the quiz, my response to the first question was to wonder what piece of Sibelius would be appropriate for dinner music. In a later question, I noted that I really do have a separate insurance policy for my musical instruments, and I am a quantitative financial analyst, not a professional musician. By the way, although I do not play the oboe, I do love to hear the oboe played well.

Ah, Michelle,
It's just sad that you cherish pop (popular) music. It's American folk music without the music, and even now largely lacking the 'folk'. Most of it is just poorly organized noise - it will not be remembered in 100 years, perhaps less.

When I was young, I thought 'pop' music was quite something. I was 15, quite ignorant, and I was wrong. Now I still remember Johnny Ray and the Four Aces, but you know, there was just no importance there. There are some things that will be remembered and revived later, no particular pop singers probably, not even Sinatra or Crosby, but the Swing Bands, yes. Illinois Jacquet (just died), Dave Brubeck, yes. Not a whole lot else. Popular music in a commercial culture like ours is very much like a "Pet Rock", not profound in any sense, just lays there and dies.

I've come to think that the great inheritance of Western music (classical, as people badly call it), is the real deal. If you do not understand serious music in some sense, you remain Neolithic man, pounding two rocks or sticks together. After all, that's what pop musicians do.

Why should anyone feel bad about their music choices? If you dig a song, who cares what genre it comes from?

Oh my. I hope that I didn't start an argument about music snobbery. I just wanted to draw attention to a fun quiz and to note that the result of the quiz described me very well. I thought that other readers would have fun with it.

For the record, musical elitist that I most certainly am, I enjoy listening to the radio selections that Michele puts on ASV. In my musical elitist opinion the musical selections in this post most definitely ROCKED and I thank Michele for putting them up. Now, back to Mozart ...

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