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And It's Not an Isolated Incident

I was remiss in not posting a link to something I promised someone I would link to yesterday. I was reminded mostly by this and this to post a link to this*. That second link brought tears to my eyes. bq. One other thing while I was at the cemetery. A fellow member of the Jewish community came up to me after I had done the media interviews and said he hoped I hadnt given out my name - as there are nutters out there! He then went on to ask what has the country come to when you have to hide your Jewishness. I replied by saying not only did I give my name to the media, but I was proud to do so. I am not scared of these people, just very pissed off. Thank you, Bob, for going out there and taking the pictures. This kind of thing needs to be seen.
* Site by my dear friend Faith.


No doubt the people who desecrate jewish graves are sick fucks, but a post that refers to New Zealand as "Helen's Reich" seems as twisted as the Hitler/Bush submissions to MoveOn and O'Reilly's equating of Moore and Franken to Goebbels.

I thought the non-wingnuts on both the left and right agree that such rhetoric is deplorable.

Michele, are you sure you don't want to reconsider that first link?

I don't think the poster was referring to New Zealand as a whole but was (admittedly hyperbolic) referring to her craven pandering to Islamists while beating up on Israelis and possibly creating an atmosphere where Judanrein (be it from far left or right) feels free to "express themselves."

Watching the increase in such incidents in even "liberal 1st world" countries understandably has Jews and their friends on alert.

McSwine - Helen Clarke's behavior viz Israel and the most recent NZ/Israel passport scandal gave a green light to the nutters of NZ. What did she say after the first desecration? Nothing. By not condemning it, she in a manner of speaking condones it.

Helen Reich seems appropriate.