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Rick James Dead

Rick James is dead. I know I made fun of him a lot, given the whole Chappelle thing, but...damn. We made up a dance to Super Freak. Peformed it at a family function and got grounded immediately. He certainly was a super freak in many ways. But he made some damn good music. Also: I question the timing of this.


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Can we voluntarily restrain ourselves from using the Tombstone Generator to enter the obvious 3-word phrase?

I'm trying, Hubris. Trying.


I know..it was too hard. I felt like a kid trying not to touch something shiny.

like trying not to push the history-eraser button. The big, jolly, candy-like button.

Natural causes? Not when you're 56.

Cocaine IS a hell of a drug...

Maybe it was all-natural cocaine?

He's now in the nasal candy factory in the sky.

There needs to be a spew-warning on these comments. Between this, and the speech clip I watched earlier today ("Our enemies are innovative and resourceful.....they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."), my poor monitor!

Not to mention your keyboard.

Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.

In the post above this one, Michele makes an excellent point in shining attention on whackos who've desecrated Jewish graves in New Zealand.

I know Rick James had a lot of personal problems, but why piss on his death like this.

"I'm room temperature, bitch!"

Could someone please give Macswain back his sense of humor? I can think of a lot worse send-offs Rick James could have gotten than a few mild jokes.

By the way, I think the fact that no matter how big and important we think we are we all get a dirt nap at the end is one of the funniest jokes God has played on the universe. "Suckers! Gotcha!"


You're right!!! My bad. Sometimes I have a hard time recognizing the proper lines of decorum re Righty humor; especially gravestone humor.

But here ... let me give it a try:

Ronald Reagan

"I Appeased More Terrorists
Than the Philippines, Bitch!"


Macswain, let me spell it out for you.

The headstone does not say anything disparaging. In fact, it's just a take on something Rick James himself said.

Also, your comparison of this fake headstone to the people who knocked real graves over is, well, idiotic.

You're a sad, bitter little man, Macswain. It must suck to be you.

I thought my Reagan thing was funnier than his anyway, but maybe it's just me.

Bwah! Yes, yours was definitely funnier.

Thanks Andrea. ;)

Michele, Not disparaging? Check all your commenters and also apply the Golden Rule test to your own "I'm Dead, Bitch" crack? He may've been just a caricature to you, but he had friends, family and fans.

Andrea, Your 10:02 am post made my point (though I doubt you realize it).

Hubris, your shit was funny. I especially liked the part where Reagan is still so detached from reality that he thinks liberals had a problem with his fondness for jellybeans, as opposed to, say, things like his support for the South African apartheid regime. Ha Ha Ha ... you make it like he didn't even have a clue as to what liberals really thought of him.

Macswain, that you don't understand that the post was gently poking fun at both his critics and Reagan himself is ample proof of a need to lighten up.

Or, you could continue to consider every utterance within the context of some Right versus Left holy war ("Righty humor"? When the subject is Rick James? Huh?). I see that as more than a bit sad, though.

Natural causes? Sure. After all, he was somewhere in his late 80s or early 90s, in crackhead years.

Natural causes? Sure. After all, he was somewhere in his late 80s or early 90s, in crackhead years.

But damn, "Give It To Me Baby" was a hell of a song.

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do you about puncation it's i'm dead btich.


The tombstone generator doesn't allow an apostrophe.

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