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The Daily FAD (Updated)

Apparently, it's become de rigueur for me to rip off FAD at least once per day. Keeping with that idea: Random movie I've never seen but pretty much everyone else has: Titanic But I'll add an original bit so he can't sue me: Random movie I've seen that I don't think anyone else has: Interstate 60 Update: Movie am anticipating so much that I wet my pants thinking about it: Mirrormask. Movie I saw that I don't think anyone else should bother seeing: Albino Alligator.



The Godfather.

I know, I know. Also, I've never seen a single episode of either Seinfeld or Friends. I'm not bragging about this; lots of my friends tell me that they were very funny and that I missed out.

Have never, will never watch Titanic.

Damn legal cleverness! But I'm probably among the few happy that Zorro, The Gay Blade is finally out on DVD!

I've never seen Titanic either.

And I'm glad Zorro, the Gay Blade is out in DVD too since my VHS copy is kinda old :)

"Damn legal cleverness! But I'm probably among the few happy that Zorro, The Gay Blade is finally out on DVD!"

Count me as one of them. As a kid, I could quote the whole movie from beginning to end!!!

I have never seen The Man With One Red Shoe.

Not many people have seen Deathrace 2000 but it's a favorite of mine.

I have one for you -- 'Monster Squad.' Great movie.

Damn I wish these comments had an edit feature. Many times I hit the post button then realize I had more (useless) stuff to add.

I have yet to see "Kill Bill" or "Gone with the Wind" or "When Harry Met Sally" or "Psycho"

Never saw The 6th Sense (saw his other movies though)

Obscure movie I saw when I was a wee one that nobody else has even heard of: Hangar 18

MATRIX, or any of the matrix movies. Never saw Titanic, either.

I am one of the select few to have seen "Tromeo and Juliet". The rest of you know who you are. That goes for "Cannibal: The Musical" as well.

Britt, I own Tromeo and Juliet. On DVD. Saw Cannibal and LIKED it.

Rob, I think I saw Hangar 18 a long time ago. I may have to rent that.

And Monster Squad rocked.

I haven't seen Gone With the Wind.

I have seen Attack of the Mushroom People.

i haven't see LOTR: Return of the King (yet)
i have seen (and own) the rhino brothers

Havent seen any of The Matrix movies.

I dont think anyone else has seen "Once Were Warriors" - But I suggest picking it up on Netflix.

No Star Wars, here.

HAVE seen Closet Land, along with two other people in the world.

I haven't seen Titanic or the second and third Matrix films.

I have seen Comic Book Villains, which probably a few here have also seen.

I posted this at Fad, so I'll repeat myself.

Random movie I haven't seen:

Anything by Woody Allen

As a play on Michele's theme.

Random movie I've been forced to see even though I would have preferred to slice out my own eyballs with a dull razor:

The Royal Tenenbaums

Random movie I've seen that most probably haven't:

Rude Boy

Oh yeah, I've seen Closet Land, and rather liked it.

Saw Comic Book Villains and reviewed it

Movie I saw that I don't think anyone else should bother seeing: Albino Alligator.

Any Rocky film
Risky Business
Every Adam Sandler movie other than Happy Gilmore
The Passion of the Christ
Saving Private Ryan

Oh, and I also missed Schindler's List. I just can't get into pain and suffering anymore.

Which is probably why I avoid Adam Sandler movies...

I'm not a Sandler fan. But I watched Little Nicky last night. Again. And laughed. Again.

Self-loathing in 3...2...1....

The problem with Titanic is...well, you know how it ends. EVERYBODY knows how it ends. Other than the brief nudity, what's the point?

I saw The Secretary, and something in my oddness liked it.

I have never seen...well almost any movie released in the last 3 years. Too much time out of the country, I guess. Not much interest in most of them anyway, I have seen enough real-life violence and gore that I don't need to 'entertain' myself with it. That basically leaves me with 'chick flicks'...sigh.

Missed: Gone With the Wind, Godfathers, and much of Hitchcock.

Seen: Jabberwocky (Gilliam at his darkest), Leningrad Cowboys Go America (and all the other Aki Kaurismaki films: Ariel, Match Factory Girl, etc.), Pathfinder (Lapplander epics rule! all one of them!), and Shallow Grave (Ewen McGregor and the next Doctor Who are in it, making it some sort of geek genesis story).

Eagerly anticipating: King Kong remake (even though I know how it ends, I want to see dinosaurs without a bunch of meddlesome kids (screw you, Spielberg!) getting in the way of hot monkey on reptile action.

Movie to avoid: Pret-a-Porter, Penn and Teller's movie, and a forgotten list of forgettable stuff.