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So, I've been thinking about making some ASV swag. Nothing big, probably just a coffee mug and a mousepad. A couple of people have asked and I figure the swag will be good to have around as prizes for the occassional contest I run. Allah has been kind enough to help design a logo, which I'll use for the text part (which will just say ASV) of the design, and my husband has something up his sleeve to go with the text. However (and there's always a however), I'd like to put some kind of slogan/tagline on it. The tagline I'm using right now (look up top there) isn't really appropriate (and I was just on a Beck kick, which is why it's there). Anyhow, you know what's coming. Suggestions? And keep it appropriate. I think Cafe Press has a decency standard clause. Oh, if I end up using your suggestion, you'll get a free ASV coffee mug!


Small Things Considered

In a (fabricated) word:


Be Politically Incorrect. Support the Constitution.

Because you're suposed to smell that stuff, not read it.

One moonbat at a time...


Happy Birthday, Fucker!

"Short bus. Fast track."


"I'm James Brown, bitch!"

Coffee Mug: Drink it all, the poison's on the bottom. (stolen from Woody Allen)

Mousepad: My company's too cheap to pay for decent optical mice or trackballs, so I had to buy this mousepad.

Don't Pee in the Millennium Falcon

taking on idiots, one day at a time

taking on idiots, one day at a time

Hurling through the blogosphere without a seatbelt since 2001.


No, YOU'RE stupid!

Kiss your mother with that mouth?

Run. Reality is catching up!

Wake up and drink this coffee.

Shut up and read!

...I guess the 'redsox cap' picture ain't gonna happen... :)

"Have you Forgotten?" overlaid on the sunrise picture of the towers. (with a small-print link at the bottom to Voices)

Or is that morbid? I'd buy one and take it to work here in Seattle.


"Do the Right thing."
"Got Right?"
My favorite so far was don't pee in the Millenium falcon though.

"The little dead girl wants you to read this blog." - best I can do, sorry... Although I did kinda like "The Dude Abides," which you were using as a slogan for awhile there.

To keep with the Angel Dust theme...

"Yelling with my mouth shut"
"It shouldn't bother me. But it does"
"Would anyone tell me if I was gettin' stupider?"

Although on second thought I might need to keep that last one for myself (if I ever do the redesign I am planning).

"I love the smell of truth in the morning."

Also in the Apocalypse Now vein (just to get it out of my head:

"Blogging With Extreme Prejudice"

What Chuck said.

Coffee Mug: Picture of JFK in his NASA bunny suit with the motto "HOpe this coffee keeps you hoppin'"
Or - same picture-
I love hippity hop music!

I like Hubris' second suggestion best. And as for the logo, are there copyright issues with the little dead girl? 'Cuz if there aren't. then ya jes GOTTA put her on the mug.

A little dead girl mug would kick my current favorite, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (Baghdad Bob) to second place.


1) I'm Right. You're wrong. Now die.

2) It's over when I say it's over.

3) That's ONE 'L', bitch!

4) In the right since '01.

5) Speak up. The Right way.

I've got more if you want them.

Where funny things happen to bad people.

Whatever it says, bring back the dead girl.

Or maybe the cleavage?

Dead girl? As in Lenore?

That would be cool, but Roman Dirge might not like it too well.

$282,231.31 at http://www.blogshares.com -- that's a nice chunk of change

Okay, how about something crasse... "One L, but two D's"

If you use "Don't pee in the Millenium Falcon" I will buy TONS of stuff. TONS.

Vote early and vote often!

If Lenore's image is available, I think her image on a milk carton-like "Missing" poster would be quite tasteful.

I vote for "That's ONE 'L', bitch!"

I think "One L, but two D's" is very clever and hysterical but it's a little Wonkette...don't think you'd go for that.

Also, it would be dishonest.


Because punching morons makes my knuckles bleed