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Keeping Tabs on All of You

Humor me as I steal an idea from FAD: bq. in accordance with Section 66vi of the PATRIOT Act, otherwise known as the Blog Readership Registration For Later Camp Sorting provision, please fill this out. What he said. Come on, it will be interesting. I'm sure we will all learn something from this. Maybe one of us will even gain a stalker in the process. And what could possibly be wrong with that?


that's a neat idea.

Can't find Long Island, huh? Don't ask to borrow my car.

Hubris, where exactly are you?

Whe I posted this, there was no one out side of North America.

I'd love to add my own demographic data, but as a Mac user I'm accustomed to being discriminated against software-wise.

Is it okay if I just tell you that I live in Dallas, TX, that I'm 31 years ago, and that I like piņa coladas and gettin' caught in the rain?

Um, why did I get deleted from the map?

My pin keeps disappearing. Dammit.

The dumb program can only handle 100 pins at a time.

I think it was eaten by a grue.

Can't get it to work, dude. Every time I click I just get Nighthawk's entry, since apparently s/he lives right where I do.

Dean- change it from pins to dots, then you'll have more room to operate.