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On The Radio

If you happen to be in the Alabama area, note that I'll be on the Russ and Dee show the morning of August 26th. I will also be doing live reports for their show from the Republican Convention. This is the closest I'll get to my high school dreams of being a disc jockey. I'll take it. I better start working on toning down my Long Island accent. Which, by the way, I don't have.


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At least it's only 1 time zone off from NY.

I was getting up at 4 or 5 PT from San Diego in '96 for a station in SC and then going back to bed.

Missed it one day and did it on their afternoon show, at 1:30 PT.

There better be MP3's for those of us not able to listen!

Say these words to test yourself on whether or not you have a Long Island accent:

"Medford" (Not "med-fid")
"Pisser" (Not "piss-uh")
"Motor" (Not "moe-tuh")
"Pedro Martinez" (Not "spineless punk")

Also, right before you go on the air, whatever else you have in your mind, don't think of the words "f#@$#" or "m$@#&#f#@%$r." You might blurt them out, causing FCC problems for Russ and Dee.

And, Michele, y'all is not a small fishing boat.

I'd be tuning in just to hear the Long Island accent that you don't have that I used to have but don't have anymore, that is if I could get a signal over here.

You don't have a Long Island accent?

I'm crushed.

Just don't talk about "cawfee" and you'll be fine!

Ed, I failed the Pedro test.

Allah: Worst. Long Island accent. Ever.

I sound like an episode of Cawfee Tawk.

I will, however, give you a dollar if you call John Kerry a "poopiehead" on the air.

"RNC sources are denying that they deleted a reference to John Kerry as a "poopiehead" from one of the speeches tonight." That's how you could do it...

Whatever happens, resist the urge to fill dead air time with a 5-song block of REO Speedwagon.

The Faulkland Islands are a specific group off the coast of Argentina,

not just any old group of islands that you might happen to be talking about.

Just out of curiousity, how did you hook up with those two? Are they ASV fans? I don't normally listen to them, but I guess I will then just to hear you too-awk.

I actually am from Alabama, and although I can't get the Russ and Dee show, a station in Birmingham actually televises the show while it is on the air.

Rock on, Michele!

I am from Birmingham and I will be listening. Do you know what time?

somebody tape that suckah and have it for us no'thinahs


You can get more info on Michele's reports, go to http://www.russanddeeonline.com as we get closer to the event:)


btw...Michele? Can I get a pic e-mailed to me for our site?