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Meanwhile, In Iowa...

A television station is reporting three bank robberies happened about the same time President George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry were speaking at separate venues in Davenport Wednesday morning. WQAD television station, located in the Quad Cities, reported the first robbery happened at the First National Bank. The names of the other two banks weren't immediately available. Davenport police say they could not comment and were helping to direct the political leaders' motorcades.
Gotta love that last line. Which reminds of something I've been meaning to blog about. This week, our town is having something called Night Out. It's supposed to be this big gathering/candlelight vigil at our "town square" to call awareness to crime and drugs, letting the criminal element know that we're on to them and gosh darn it, we're not gonna take it anymore. Did anyone ever think that putting up these signs all over town proclaiming every man, woman, boy and girl will be at the town square at this given time and place is a blanket invitation to the criminals to perform some quick house robberies? Sounds like the makings of a Simpsons episodes.


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Organized bank robberies were the way terrorists funded the Oklahoma City bombing.

Don't think that couldn't happen again, either.

Send the Ghostbusters to the grave of Willie Sutton!

you are so close to losing your baseball chops. ...c'mon? Murph? you got nuthing?

I find the timing of this suspicious.

Hey, at least Bush & Kerry have alibis . . .

?? They wanted everyone in town at the town square??

Um...they've been doing "Night out" in my area since the early 80's, and it has always been a blockparty type thing because the purpose was to get Californians to actually meet their nextdoor neighbors and maybe agree to keep an eye on each other's interests. Local PD's help organize the block parties and even send off duty reps to them on request.

I'm not surprised at the bank robberies either. Criminals are opportunistic. ::::sigh::::

Name the four Quad Cities.

"Night Out" appears to be a national thing. And yeah, it does seem like a perfect announcement to criminals to go engage in crime in all the places left temporarily abandoned.

[nitpicking legal lecture]

While I'm being pedantic (which is always; sorry, I'm a lawyer and can't help myself), I'll point out that you can't have a house robbery if no one's home, since robbery is theft from your person. Burglary, OTOH, is far more likely when you're not there, though of course, burglary is not the theft from the house but the act of breaking and unlawfully entering with the intent to commit a felony (i.e., in this instance, theft) therein.

[/nitpicking legal lecture]

Sounds like the makings of a simpsons episode?

It was one. In fact I just watched it last night on the new Simpsons DVD.

Marge vs. the Monorail. Burns gets nailed by the EPA and has to pay the town $3million. Every signle person in Springfield attends a Town Hall for a meeting to decide what to do with the money.

A synopsis from alt.nerd.obsessive...I mean snpp.com


There was an article in The Onion a few years back...

Seniors rise up against gangs and drugs; All are killed.

Criminals often use funeral listings to plan their next hits. Sad but true.

No no no...standing up against drugs and crime are certainly NOT issues we conservatives get excited about so all the "fascists", "racists", and gun happy people are going to be home...waiting... ;)

I'm not sure how many crooks are smart enough to figure this one out. Locally, we've been having a chuckle about the rocket surgeon who decided he'd cook up some meth in a rural church's basement kitchen. This was a church that is still active, still open, not one that had "gone out of business" (and there are several of those he could have picked).

Speaking of stupid criminal tricks, what is it lately with people smiling for their mug shots? They used the booking photo in the stories about aforementioned dipstick on TV and in the newspapers, and he was grinning like he was at his birthday party. I've seen others like that recently.

Yoo Hoo... Michele, it's me, Vincenzo!

You know whatís funny? ďFour more earsĒ. That made me chuckle.

Unfunny is the James Hart for Congress. Iíll forward that along to NJ Antiracists and One Peopleís project, which keeps track of these neíer do wells. Oh, which begs the question as to why the Likud types are constantly flaming these two groups on NJ IMC, as both groups are fearless, at no small risk to personal injury, in fighting and infiltrating supremacist groups.

By the way, Michele, I thought we had a dinner or drink date? I feel a bit jilted. I certainly would enjoy slugging back a few cocktails with you, though in my case it would be a virgin mary, as befitting my chemical free lifestyle. Oh thereís always the East Village hookah bar if you are feeling daring and want to try something altogether different. Oopsy, did I just contradict myself? A clarification is in order: nicotine good; alcohol and party pills bad.

Oh, the attack on the convoy, linked from a link, http://www.strategypage.com/gallery/articles/military_photos_200472810.asp
on your site, was hair-raising. Iím wondering though why the army vehicle over took the suburban that they were guarding. Itís just that the video seems to corroborate the complaints of some Indian truckers in Iraq who were working for the coalition. http://www.rediff.com/news/2004/aug/02iraq2.htm

I surely donít want to antagonize the handsome military types who post here. Itís really just an honest question, and I hope the military folks can put clarity on it.

In case, if you missed it , check out how some far-right presumably lumpen proletariats http://newjersey.indymedia.org/feature/display/13252/index.php thought it okay to curse out two mothers who had recently lost sons fighting in Iraq.

The ray of hope, I suppose, though Iím not holding my breath, is that I do think there is a chance, no matter how remote, that you could endorse Kerry after the RNC convention. I donít entirely buy into that left-right chasm is unbridgeable, and either or, proposition. Consider the fact, that Iíve that all but endorsed one NJ Republican running for U.S. Congress. http://newjersey.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/11674

I should add driving a bit of a guzzler, as I do , though not an SUV, does not mean certain exclusion as a card carrying leftist, nor eating meat for that matter. In fact, I am a large carnivore and love meat. Even if I could afford it, I would however draw the line and refrain from buying a chic menís Sean John Lynx coat, even if it does avoid the ďstigma of grandpaís fur-coat.Ē As rightly pointed by one particular irate hunter, when I protested the NJ Bear Hunt last year, about half my clothing is leather.

On second thought, I guess there might be a better chance of "them" making popsicles in hell before a Kerry Endorsement from "A Small Victory". Is this not so?

We're still on, Vince. I just don't have my schedule all laid out yet.

Shots. Goldschlager.

you could think of it this way, too. With all those announcements, where's a good place to plant a bomb - and eevestate a town.


Daveport, Bettendorf (Iowa), Moline and Rock Island (Illinois)

Laurence: Quad, Vier, Four, and Quattro.

Thought you fooled me, huh?

your thought reminds me of something that happened around here. The neighborhood watch committee had their monthly meetings and it never failed that during these meetings, someones house got broken into. Well, it came time for this one couple to host the meeting and when the committee showed up, they found their lost belongings in the couples home. See, this couple knew when the meetings were and at which house, so they had ample opportunity to burglerize their neighbors house's

Michele, are you leaving me for Vince???

What? You're not up for a threesome with my lefty friend?

Oh goody, I've always secretly wanted to try a lefty. ;)

Oh gawd, the stupid criminal things abound (like the one where two guys got pulled in for brawling in public, two poor friends who had only $5 between them and had paid it to a hooker and fought to see who was going to "get" her... and believe me, from HER picture they both should have got her and change back in the bargain)..

This is one of my faves:

Dude has a brand new, fully tricked out Ford Explorer. Loves that baby. It gets stolen. He is beside himself in rage. Police show up to take a report, he's on the front lawn totally worked up about the theft ...

Police - sir, and where was your SUV last time you saw it.

Dude - where it always is at night, I keep it in the garage!!

Police - Sir, may we see where you parked it last

Dude - sure, of course, anything....

Dude then opens the garage and leads cops in, just then only remembering that he has a full blown meth lab in the garage.

Before the politicking got under way, a official of the city of Davenport was crowing on NPR about how safe it was that day, what with all the added security details and all.

I assume he prefers his crow medium rare.

Quickest way to get away with a crime:

1. Buy a police scanner.
2. Program it for a smallish municipality, one with 20 or so cops.
3. Wait for something to happen -- or pay a flunky to cause something to happen -- that creates an "Officer Down" situation.
4. Wait about five minutes.
5. Commit your crime.

Whenever officers are down or in trouble, everyone drops everything they're doing and goes to assist. It's the perfect time to commit a crime.

I wonder how many crimes were hushed up because they happened during the Reagan funeral procession.

Quad Cities: Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline and Rock Island?

"Did anyone ever think "

There is always hope. I guess...