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Terror Updates

Jeff Quinton is collecting them. Meanwhile, the breaking news headline on CNN reads: bq. Intelligence indicates suspected al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan "contacted" at least one person in the U.S. in recent months, sources tell CNN. Details soon. Read into that what you will. I'm waiting for the update. Update: Like most of you, I'm just wondering why CNN considers that worthy of a breaking news headline. And why is contacted in square quotes?


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Not that I am implying anything.

I don't get why that's "breaking news" to CNN... don't we assume al Qaeda's contacting all sorts of people all over the place?

Not a shock. Its a big country so some of their "supporters" are here.

Tyler, that's what I'm wondering. Why it's important enough for a breaking news headline.

Also "breaking" yesterday on CNN was that small-plane crash in Austin, TX, so take it as you will.

I do have to question the timing of this, however...

This is deliberately timed to focus attention away from Kerry's corn-waving in Iowa.

cuz it's allterror allthetime....

See we don't ever have to be attacked. just kept at a constant, numbing alert!

It's in scare quotes because no one knows what "contacted" means.

Did they have a relationship - or contacts? See? Also someone said it.

Could it be that "contact" is not a verb? One does not "contact" someone. One makes contact. Is it possible that there is an editor, reporter or english teacher left that knows the language?

Maybe the quotes are there because the "contact" was made ironically, as in so-called contact.

Overuse of quotes like this, much like apostrophes used for plurals, drives me crazy.

A sign saying: "Apple's" - 5 for a dollar could drive me into an apoplectic fit.

You're all absolutely shit scared, aren't you? I'd love it if someone were to decide a terrorist faction in your country was worth going to war over. Maybe the KKK could cause us to come and bomb your civilians - then you'd really be scared.

How come this war on terror doesn't include Ireland. China has a seriously oppressive regime - far worse than Iraq and you can't say we've not attacked communist states before.

I guess there's just not enough oil in China and all those products made there would have to be sourced elsewhere.

God Bless the western world and it's money driven politics.